Autopsy Shows Suspect in Home Invasion Died of Blood Loss, Says Coroner

Justin Nevin

Justin Nevin in 2002

An autopsy on Justin Nevis, a suspect in a home invasion case, shows the 32-year-old man died from severe blood loss due to laceration wounds, says a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Last Saturday, a Forensic Pathologist did an autopsy at the request of the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office on Nevin, who was found in a bushy area behind homes in Scotia.

On September 18, a 64-year-old resident of the town reported that a man knocked on his door and attempted a home invasion with a gun. The resident said he used a knife to defend himself and severely wounded his attacker. The resident reported that another man helped the wounded suspect get away.

Deputies attempted to follow a trail of blood to find the wounded man but were unable to do so.

The 64-year-old man reported smelling the odor of a dead body several times before one was located on October 3.

The deceased was identified as Justin Nevin of Sacramento County.

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  • Maybe this will be a lesson to thugs that want to hurt us!!! Bravo to you sir, just hope no charges will be filed against you for protecting yourself and your home!!!

  • I don’t think it would be out of line to do a little detective work in Sacramento to see why this young man wanted to come all that way to invade the home of someone who was expecting trouble. Even if the partner didn’t go back there, someone in his circle probably knows.

    • Yea, it doesn’t ad up, and combined with the detailed web post-

      This story will resurface around Christmas….

      Vegas would bet on it.

      My guess is another T-shirt candidate will emerge to room with Scott Peterson.

    • On the comments on Lost Coast Outpost about this story, Pineal says that one of the local street people told him that they saw the partner racing out of town on his motorbike just after the incident. I wonder if any of the town’s surveillance cameras keep a history, and footage of the half-hour in question could be reviewed, and perhaps a license number for the bike found, etc… some followup with the only witness other than the person who admittedly killed the man.

    • One wonders what the last thing that his partner in crime said to him as he lay there bleeding out . Was it I’m going to go get help??

  • I feel bad that Mr Pineal had to fight this douche off to preserve his own life, but Justin Nevis got exactly what he deserved. I applaud you Mr Pineal and would like to thank you for insuring Justin Nevis will never have the chance to put any other innocent person in the position you were faced with on the night of September 18.

  • He lost so much blood that he died next to the home invasion location and the keystone cops could not follow the trail??? Or did the cops not look for the suspect??? We need a competent police in our county.

  • Took them three times to find him lol,didn’t find him when invasion happened with blood trail,didn’t find him when he was stinking in the brush on second call later,third time they were there they found him,but look how many officers and how much area they had they had to search to find Shane Miller that was only a little ways from where his truck was parked

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