Man Missing From Willits

Twenty-eight-year-old Corey Abernathy, disappeared Oct 3 from his home in Willits. A dealer for a local casino where he’s been employed two years, Abernathy was supposed to go to work that day. But, when his dad arrived home to wake him up, he was gone. He hasn’t showed up at work since.

He did not take a vehicle. He is believed to have his wallet and ID with him.

Background: Abernathy grew up in the Castroville and Prunedale.  He went to School at Echo Valley Elementary School, Moss Landing Middle School and North Monterey County High School.  He also attended Cabrillo Junior College and Sacramento State.  He loved playing soccer.  In 2013 he moved with his family to Hopland and then to Willits in September of this year.
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 160 pounds
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
If you have information contact the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 889 6818. Follow the Facebook page setup to coordinate efforts to find him by clicking here and liking the page. See poster below for more information.


  • Laytonville Rock


  • More raptures…

    Time to repent and find Jesus.

  • It’s just that time of yr when it seems people disappear

  • It’s just that time of yr when it seems people disappear maybe a Cylon got him lol

  • Time to get the cell phone records.

    • The Cylons can track that in real time, with no warrant- wonder why they refuse to help out more.

      Maybe a Cylon reader can illuminate us to this?

  • Praying for his safe return home!!

  • Young man looking very similar to this picture was at the Fort Bragg Library using the public computers this morning with a group of other young men, about 2-3 of them. They appeared transient but clean. Two of the men had shaved heads like Corey’s and another had short dreds. Not sure if this was Corey but the picture made me do a double take because this man looked like him. Worth checking out? PS One of the men may have been riding a red, motor scooter.

  • Hello this is your cousin. Have friends and local church praying for Cory and his return home. Keep positive, he will return home soon. Stay in touch with us, we love Cory and are heartbroken with you.

  • city of prunedale/echo valley/nmchs/moss landing alumni

    We pray and will continue for Cory’s safe return and for his family and loved ones. Our hearts are with you during this ordeal and we pray for the best outcome and that he is found safe and returned to his loved ones. stay strong and keep the hope!

  • If you left by choice, at least let your family know, Because they love you, and please let us “your family” , at work know that you are fine. Please Cory.. we all love you! If not,…we pray that you are fine. Please be fine and safe! You are loved! Dear God… be safe!!

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