Followup: From Multi-Person Drug Overdose to Raid in Shelter Cove Last Month

Readers often have questions about stories–What happened next? Or they wonder about incidents that never get written up–What happened over there? Sometimes we get answers that aren’t really an entire story but are of interest to us and, we believe, to our readers. Sooo, here’s a short recap of three stories we think you might want to know more about:


LSD blotter. [Photo by Erik Fenderson via Wikimedia Commons]

Mass Overdose Near Pepperwood:

Background: About 9:30 p.m. on October 13, scanner traffic carried a panicked report of nine people overdosed on some sort of drug. When it was all sorted out that night we learned that five individuals had taken LSD and three individuals went to the hospital. (See earlier story here.)

Followup: According to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “All nine subjects were traveling through Humboldt County looking for work. They stopped along the road and met a possible employer.”

The potential employer offered the crew what they believed to be LSD. “Five ingested what they believed to be LSD and the four smoked marijuana,” said Hanson. Multiple possible overdoses were called in. Three were taken to the hospital and one male, Jesus Alberto Garcia, was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

“Everybody was listed as transients,” Hanson said. Mostly, he said, the incident involved “people not using common sense… .”

Fickle Hill Raid September 28:



Background: About 8:30 a.m. on September 28, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on a home in Fickle Hill. Originally, it was reported that three people were arrested. (See earlier story here.)

Followup: One man was actually booked. Randall Gomes was charged with:

  • HS11358 Cultivation of Marijuana
  • HS11539 – Possess marijuana for sale
  • PC29800(a)(1) – Felon/Addict/Possess/Etc Firearm
  • PC12022(a)(1) – Commission/Fel/Assault Weapon
  • PC30305(a)(1) – Prohibited person own/possess/etc Firearm
image1 (10)

A neighbor tells us this home on a quarter acre lot was the subject of the raid. [Photo provided by a reader.]

Shelter Cove Raid September 30: 

Background: Readers told us that a caravan of Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office vehicles were in the Lost Coast on the afternoon of September 30. Law enforcement raided one home. (See earlier story here.)

Followup: According to Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza, a Community Service Officer with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, deputies confiscated 144 growing plants, 15.8 pounds of drying marijuana, and 30.6 pounds of manicured marijuana.

“Documentation showed that they were selling,” Zorrilla-Mendoza said.



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