Two Ordered to Pay $30K Restitution for Environmental Damage on Trespass Grow

Press release from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office:

Mendocino District AttorneyThe two men convicted of trespassing on private timber company land in the Branscomb area for the purpose of cultivating 1,995 marijuana plants were back in court last Friday for a hearing to determine what restitution amount, if any, they should pay for the environmental damage done by their activities. The two men, Clemente Flores, age 36, and Refugio Perez Hernandez, age 31, both formerly of Healdsburg, were previously sentenced to 16 months in local prison.

On Friday Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Cindee Mayfield ordered that the two defendants be jointly and severally responsible for $30,009.25 in environmental damages. Despite his expectation that both men will eventually be deported and the timber company will never see a dime of the ordered amount, District Attorney David Eyster said his office will nevertheless continue to seek restitution for environmental damages in these types of cases. “I can’t be assured that these men won’t be back in this country sometime down the road so I wanted a restitution order in place, one that includes interest at the legal rate of 10 percent per annun, just in case one of them does return and hits Lotto,” said Eyster.



  • And how exactly would that 30 grand be used if they ever paid it ???

    • The timber company will know exactly how much it will cost them for remediation of the damage and that will total $30,009.25. Probably physical removal of the toxins, slope repairs, replanting… and maybe legal fees.

  • Oh yeah, paying the restitution is on the top of these guy’s bucket list I’m sure!

  • Illegals? They have zero chance of recovering anything from them if they are. This is the open borders problem.

  • “Clemente Flores, age 36, and Refugio Perez Hernandez, age 31, both formerly of Healdsburg,”
    Nonsense. Both are formerly from some remote gully village at the bottom of the Sierra Madre in Mexico. Both are illiterate. Neither has a penny and never had one.
    So the District Attorney, Mr Eyster is saying he will make them pay if they win the lottery.
    Brilliant statement and logic.
    To set up a 1900 plus grow, on other peoples property out in the sticks of Branscomb road, the investment is up front. 6 figures. Cash. So that investment was made by Mr Big and his gang. Not these two guys. These two had nothing to invest, never had a payday, never would have had a payday even if this grow “flourished”. They would have gotten lead in the back of their heads at the end of it and dumped in the conveniently deep garbage pit they themselves were told to dig to keep the bears, mountain lions and varmints away from their miserable open campsite food garbage. They had no weapons at all. For obvious reasons, the principals only issued shovels. Now they are asked to just pay for the damage. Lucky for them. The system saved their lives.

    • Agreed, till they get home and are killed, just BC hey they either could have talked, or will later…no sense leaving two living witnesses with knowledge about workings of an organized criminal group.

      And who’s to say its a Mexican cartel. I met a white dude who ran the ganja branch of a big time white power gang…he once said he hired illegal Mexicans who spoke no English to work his massive guerrilla farms. He said you give them coke, tequila, and tell them about payday.

  • I think the first thing the Cylons should do is check for American citizenship . No paper deport immediately if no crime was committed the fellows involved with this crime .do there time then be deported back to Mexico I bet the arrestis were not even checked for passports or green cards I thought you were breaking the law because no green cards they should have been held for ice to pick them up ,but no we don’t check for green cards ,so off to mexico they go because of our fucked up system somebody real dropped the ball .

    • The Cylons do all that in real time….

      Somehow, through municipal bonds the Base Star makes cash off Wall Street through this.

      Enron accounting, Cylon style.

      The IDF defines a country by it’s Borders and Culture……

      Neo America has none of the above.

      It’s time to find another planet, this one lost it’s soul.

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