‘Deranged’ Man Breaks into Fortuna Vet Hospital Barn, Sets Horses Loose Into Traffic


Two of the horses who were let loose into traffic this morning. [Photo by Amy Carrington.]

Saturday night, an apparently disturbed man broke into the Riverwalk Veterinary Hospital barn in Fortuna, moved items around for hours and set several horses running loose into traffic.

“[A]ccording to our cameras he was at our clinic at about midnight until about 6:30 in the morning,” explained said Amy Carrington, a veterinary assistant at the hospital. “[W]hen he finally left, he left the gate open and all the horses escaped except for one. It was horrifying to watch those horses running in and out of the street in front of cars and trucks!”

The horses were almost struck several times. “I am so glad they didn’t get hit by a car. They had a couple close calls with a semi truck!!!” she said. “Watching the videos they were running full blast down the pavement. I don’t know how all of the horses escaped any kind of injury. I’m just glad they did.”

Eventually, some Good Samaritans helped round up the animals.

The Fortuna Police contacted Carrington on Sunday morning telling her that the horses had escaped.

“I thought to myself there’s no way in hell three horses could escape from their pen so I headed down to check in on them,” she wrote. “When I got there I could see that someone had been in the back…[T]here was the remains of a bonfire and everything had been moved around…[W]ater buckets had been dumped and replaced…[T]he whole barn had been rearranged.”


Pans had been placed high up on a pole in the yard. [Photo provided by Amy Carrington.]


Remains of a bonfire started not far from the barn. [Photo provided by Amy Carrington.]

Carrington watched the security tape with an officer. “What I saw on the video tape was a deranged man doing strange dances and starting fires.”

Eventually, the man was located but he wasn’t arrested said Carrington. “He fully admitted to everything he had done that night but the police still said they couldn’t take him in…[U]nfortunately because it was a misdemeanor crime they were not able to arrest him,” she explained.

The vet’s office has now installed padlocks on all the doors and gates. “This was very frustrating for us,” said Carrington. “[B]ecause we felt so violated, we put locks on our gates and have done everything we can to secure our horses…but we are afraid he will come back.”


The individual piled concrete blocks up near where one horse is fed. [Photo provided by Amy Carrington.]

 UPDATE: Since the story was written, Carrington says, the man responsible has left the area.



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  • Times Are A Chang'n

    Why is this story posted in Cannabis Cache?
    Let me get this straight. What he did was a misdemeanor? Endangering the lives of horses?? What about sending him to the mental ward? “Carrington watched the security tape with an officer. “What I saw on the video tape was a deranged man doing strange dances and starting fires.”, this isn’t enough for a 5150 lock up? Holy horse shit batman! Fortuna better hold on to it’s britches, this place is about to get weird. The zombies have moved in! Want to see the new Fortuna, go to Safeway late at night or real early in the morning. You will get an idea of who has moved in. I’ve never seen so many zombies. When they congregate on the sidewalks making art out of trash, you can feel the sizzling energy of their brain.

    de·ranged /diˈrānjd/
    mad; insane.

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  • WTF….Governor Brown should be arrested and brought to trial on charges of…….EVERYTHING!

  • We need to get rid of everyone in government and start over with people who actually want to help people.this dude really needs help,won’t get it here

    • I know prívate contractors that have much expierence in that. Doing Job of slimey police departments of corrupt towns.

  • how in the hell is breaking and entering a misdemeanor charge? and setting fires is arson! I had no clue that Fortuna police officers were that lazy to not even bother with arresting him… although I have noticed that the arrests have dropped greatly… any idea what it is up with that one Kym?

  • I cannot believe that this creep was not arrested. He not only placed the animals in harms way, he placed all of those driving or walking in the area at risk of injury or death. I would hound the Police on this issue, and demand an arrest. I don’t care how insane this guy is, if he thinks he got away with this once, he will most likely attempt something similar in the future.

  • Would the veterinarians be willing to post a screen grab or snippet from the video? Even if the perp has “left the (Fortuna?) area”, those of us in the surrounding areas would like to know what this guy looks like, perhaps even recognize him. Unbelievable response from FPD.

  • He’ll he is lucky fpd didn’t shoot him in the back

    • Too bad they didn’t. I’d rather see him dead than seeing a horse with a fractured leg trying to walk and falling miserably.

  • Arson and breaking and entering as well as horse rustling not arrestible. Publish the guys photo from the tape so others will know who he is might save others from his behaviour.

  • I thought you could arrest folks on a misdemeanor. Starting fires? Letting horses into traffic? Why not Semper Virens if not Hum County jail? Is he related to someone with local pull?

  • He’s entertainment for sure nice looking horses.

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  • Hang on second. since when can you not arrest someone for a misdemeanor
    a misdemeanor is a criminal offense for which the maximum sentence is no more than 365 days incarceration. Since when are cops not allowed to arrest people on misdemeanors? Misdemeanors include drunk in public, trespassing, failure to cooperate w peace officer, etc. things that lead to arrests all the time. this sounds like possible arson or grand theft or at least some kind of vandalism
    not even saying i think this guy should be locked up but this explanation from FPD make no sense at all

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