Bomb Threat at Fortuna Ace Hardware Today

fortuna policeThe Fortuna Ace Hardware store was evacuated today after Fortuna Police received a bomb threat. According to Lt. Matt Eberhardt, at 8:52 a.m., law enforcement received a call that appeared to have generated from within the business stating there was a bomb on the premises.

Eberhardt said the building was evacuated and a thorough search was conducted. “No device was found,” he said.

Eberhardt said that it wasn’t clear whether the call had actually been generated within the premises or whether some sort of “spoofing technology” was used. There is a phone in the garden, he said, “that maybe someone could have accessed.”

Earlier today a suspicious device was found outside of a Cal Fire station on Alderpoint Road and a suspicious duffle bag has been found outside a Cal Fire office in Crescent City but Eberhardt doesn’t know if the three are connected. “I couldn’t say if it’s associated with any other incident,” Eberhardt stated.

A bomb threat, Eberhardt said, is a terrorist threat. “If we catch somebody, they are going to jail.”

“We want to assure the public that we take every precaution to make sure everybody is safe,” he stated.

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  • It’s GOT to be cops or some Cylon agency doing this for extra money.

    Nobody else could even think this up. Most likely the posts on the chipping paint made some bacon yearn for a new car, and something like this is the fast track.

    FBI should GPS every Cylon cell phone involved with that bad paint job to find the perp.

    These have Cylon writen all over it, if it’s paranormal – think Cylon.

  • IT’S crazy Monday Madness!!

  • Why the hell ace hardware ? Sounds like a disgruntled x employee or kids.

  • Conflicting news reports. One reports states “A Cal Fire office in Crescent City has evacuated following a suspicious dufflebag being located in their building”. The another report states “suspicious duffle bag has been found outside a Cal Fire office in Crescent City”. Another thought, The Fortuna phone call could not have been made by the same person involved with the Alder Point Rd incident. That person was in custody hours before the Fortuna incident. Conspiracy??

  • Any FEMA “fusion” drills scheduled today?

    • Exactly…

      Paranormal events don’t just happen. Combined with the lithium releases, something is up.

      Busy day for the empire.

      • Hey, I grok what you’re trying to say, but the way you’re saying it only brings ridicule upon the ideas. “Paranormal” means beyond the reach of science to explain. You mean “out of the ordinary” or “weird” and we are nothing if not weird up here, but rashes of outrageous activities like these are NOT normal and NOT most cogently described as originating spontaneously in human communities and NOT beyond the reach of science to explain.

        And, yes, these maniacs in control of our country do act more like lizards from space or science fiction characters, and it’s fun to call them that, but they’re people… psychopathic, to one degree or another, control freaks who are addicted to fear mongering and bewilderment of the populace to keep us weak. People who rely on them for paychecks aren’t likely to see their work in this light, will have other excuses for it deeply ingrained in their psyches, and it IS creepy how often this stuff comes in conjunction with FEMA or military or first responder drills… all of these purportedly being brought together for “homeland security” purposes, but often producing decidedly other results.

        And lithium doesn’t make people go berserk or even a little agitated, unless you count the urgency to get to the toilet before they poop their pants. It makes people thirsty and fat and lethargic and feel like maybe they’re coming down with the flu. So if they’re releasing it on us we’re too wiped to do anything exciting.

        I’m just trying to point out how you’re helping people ignore cogent arguments, and also making others who want to make them afraid to do it, by using your terms. I hope that’s not your aim.

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