[UPDATE: Fire Spreading to Vegetation] Vehicle Engulfed in Flames, North Bank Road Shut Down

Fire crews are at the scene of a vehicle fire in the McKinleyville area. The vehicle is reportedly near the intersection of North Bank Road and Azalea Avenue.

“Let’s shut down North Bank Road,” said a voice over the scanner.

Crews at the scene are unsure if the vehicle is occupied. We’ll update this post when we have more information.

Update 9 p.m.: The vehicle is unoccupied, and the fire is spreading into vegetation.

Update 9:11 p.m.: The Department of Fish and Game has been requested to the scene for potential environmental damage.

Update 9:15 p.m.:

Update 9:26 p.m.: “County environmental services” is also being notified.

Update 9:30 p.m.: According to the CHP Incident Page, the vehicle involved is a Ford pickup. The page also says the truck is about 50 feet down the embankment.

Update 9:31 p.m.: “The fire has been extinguished.”

Update 9:35 p.m.:

Update 9:36 p.m.: “We are going to have to extinguish a small vegetation fire once we get the vehicle to the road.”

Update 9:46 p.m.: The Department of Fish and Game was canceled by CHP, and “Environmental Health” is not going to check the scene until the morning.

Update 11:23 p.m.: The road is estimated to be open in 15 to 20 minutes.

Update 12:10 p.m.: The road is open.



  • Oliver Cory seems to be the man on the scene in Northern Humboldt County. Good reporting. Loco is either revising their content, or relying on Redheaded Blackbelt to supplement their reporting. I think that is a fine journalistic marriage. Loco had an informative, positive piece about rare birds, and a special mammal visiting our area. I am realizing that it is shouldn’t be a competition between the blogs. Thank you for the information that both organisations provide. The fickle, opinionated populace ; misguided though some of them may be, can decide what is relevant to their world.

  • Glad no 1 was in the vehicle

  • Did they look for anyone who may have been around the area hurt??

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