Three Arrested in Connection with Imprisoning and Threatening Man

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On October 9th at about 5:45 PM, officers with the Fortuna Police Department responded to the 2200 block of West School Street in Fortuna after receiving a report that a male subject had entered a residence and told the resident that he was being chased by several subjects who were in possession of a firearm.

Officers arrived and learned that the 24 year old male victim had arranged to meet with friends at an apartment located in the 2600 block of School Street. Once he entered the apartment, the occupants allegedly tied him up and threatened the victim with weapons including a pistol, sawed-off shotgun, and a taser while accusing the victim of stealing drugs from the female resident. Eventually, the victim was able to flee the residence and run to the 2200 block of School Street where law enforcement was contacted by the resident.

With the information received during the course of the investigation, a search warrant was obtained for the apartment located in the 2600 block of School Street.

Just after midnight on October 10th, officers with Fortuna, Ferndale and Rio Dell Police Departments executed the search warrant. During the search, officers located evidence from the earlier incident and arrested Tara Marie Groswird, age 25 of Fortuna and Ivan Martinez-Chavarin, age 21 of Madera. The third suspect was identified as a 17 year old male of Fortuna who was later arrested by the Eureka Police Department.

Groswird was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:• PC 422 – Criminal Threats

Martinez-Chavarin was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:
• PC 236 – False Imprisonment• PC 417 – Exhibiting a deadly weapon
• PC 33210 – Possession of Sawed-off Shotgun• PC 23900 – Possession of a firearm with altered serial number

The 17 year old male was booked into Humboldt County Juvenile Hall on the following charges:
• PC 182(a)(1) – Conspiracy to commit a crime• PC 236 – False Imprisonment
• PC 422 – Criminal Threats• 244.5(b) – Assault with a stun gun or less lethal weapon



  • Clean Up Fortucky

    That most probably happened at the low income housing apartments. The apartments are only a couple of years old. They look really nice and sport solar panels. Hopefully there is something in their contract that will get them kicked out and a nice family can move in.

  • Looks like some type of smashed roach or moth on his face…. Did they take him to jail on a motorcycle?

    • He should have a doctor look at that thing. Could be cancer.

    • It is a cross, probably to cover a tear.

      • You spelled moth wrong.

      • Doesnt look quite even enough to be a cross. Almost looks like a cover up over a LA dodgers “LA” design that some so cal gangs use. Get kicked out, have to cover it up… Or have it cut off…

        • Still think it’s a moth, glad he likes nature-

          Would be cool to have a lazer setup to remove ink.

          Too many people sport dumb tats and it looks trailer park, ALL ink looks trailer dark.

          The world really needs less tats.

          Tats stand in the way of better things and a brighter future.

          Ban tats and peace will break out.

  • Hey kids ! Meet meth , rhymes with death , and has many perks ! Never brush again ! Meth washes plaque right off your teeth ! Your eyes will be bright and filled with color for lack of pupils , people will follow you everywhere ( in the shadows ) and your best friends will always be there for you ( if your sack is full) and you will never be bored because you have plenty of face picking to do

  • I understand the 17 year old is a person who for whatever reason in today’s world is classified as not being an adult. He committed an adult crime and his picture should be shown along with the other dirtbags. If it is his first crime well that is one thing that might change how I feel about publishing pictures of people under 18 however if this kid has a record I feel he loses the right to not have his picture shown. I say show these punks for what they are….POS wantabe gangsters!

    • That 17 year old has since turned 18 and been transferred to the Humboldt county jail so I see no reason he can’t be named…especially since he was named in the press after his last very similar strong arm robbery in Loleta in December 2014. He’s no doubt related to Ivan and his name is Fernando Martinez.

      • Ha, Fernando Steven Martinez, booked by FOPD June 23, 2016 for, what do you know? Criminal Threats. Too bad he’s only just 18, since he had two similar convictions as a minor within the last 18 months otherwise this would be a third strike and a guaranteed trip to San Quentin to join his brother Braylan Lanier. Thank goodness for Vinelink so we’ll know when he’s released yet again. With any luck he’s so desparate to look hard while inside he’ll keep re-offending against his fellow prison population and we’ll never see him on the street again but it seems the system would much rather lock up growers while violent predators like this roam the streets on their BMX bikes all night.

  • This is probably the wrong place to post this, but has anyone else seen the large flocks of geese headed south today? I’ve seen at least seven large flocks, two with around five hundred geese. (In Benbow )

    • Hey Ernie– Im in South Eureka, right in the middle of the fly zone for the Geese, they were flying over for about 3 hours this afternoon all headed your way

    • Yes! Many of them! Watching from Trinidad – huge long flocks, all flying south! Yeah, wrong place to post it, but nice to remember that there are good things too – not just people getting on wrong paths. Wild geese on right paths!

    • I saw those flocks! I saw six flocks with hundreds of birds fly past on Sunday! It was amazing!

    • I saw 190. a little while later three hundred and some. then the five hundred plus. followed close behind by 200 plus, there were 50 here and 7 there and more hundreds. Boy what a day for geese heading due south with a tail wind. What a blessing to live on the coastal fly way.

  • Some flew over my house this afternoon, and I can hear some going over right now (it’s dark). I haven’t heard that sweet high pitched call since about mid April. I love them!

  • “Aleutian geese typically arrive in California in mid-October each year. The majority of the population goes right to its primary wintering areas in the Central Valley. However, since 2002, a relatively small (1500-5000) number of geese spend fall and winter on the north coast. Around late December, the geese wintering in the Central Valley begin moving north, and by mid-February, most of the Aleutian goose population is located in northwestern California until they depart for the Aleutian Islands in mid-April. As of 2004, Humboldt County began receiving the majority of Aleutian geese on the northwest coast from January through April.”

  • He just still angry about that botched tattoo

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