Vehicle Drives into Building and Lights on Fire, Says Scanner




Scanner traffic indicates a car lit on fire after driving into a building in the Arcata area. The building is in the area of Alliance Road and 30th Street. According to the scanner, a person may be trapped inside. We’ll update this post when we have more information.

[Note: This post has been corrected from a previous version which incorrectly stated the building was a house. Although the scanner originally reported the structure to be a residence, it was actually a barn.]

Update 1:58 a.m.: A photo of the vehicle burning is in the comment section.





  • “a house lit on fire after driving into a house”
    sorry, not nitpicking just perusing my favorite So-Hum website.

  • This happened across the street from where I live. The local cab driver had a seizure according to emergency responders and crashed his cab into the fence. His foot was on the gas and a fire soon engulfed the fence and his car. The first policeman on scene and a bystander were able to get him out of the car and he appeared dazed but alive. He was taken away in an ambulance and the fire department soon had the fire under control. The bravery of the officer and the bystander to drag him from a fully involved car fire was awesome. Here’s to a speedy recovery for the driver.

  • A green plaza co. taxi station wagon crashed into the old red barn on alliance,and was on fire according to neighbors standing there. at least one person may have been evacuated by ambulance, and there were multiple fire trucks and police cars there; alliance rd. was blocked off to all vehicular traffic up until when i left the scene at about 1:15 a.m. the cab has been pulled out, headlights still on, and firemen were looking under the hood,possibly for potential cont’d. fire hazards; the car is relatively intact, but the N.W. corner of the bldg. is missing its lower half where the cab neatly punched a hole in it when it crashed into it; HALF the car was inside the bldg. before they pulled it out,and from our house nearby we could see smoke from some type of fire, which was extinguished by the time I decided to go out and check for safety.

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  • The accident occurred at about 12:30am. I am the bystander who pulled the driver out of the car, his name is Cedric. When I got the the scene there was only one other person there so I knew it had just happened. Within a few minutes there was a small crowd. I asked if everybody was out of the car and was told the driver was still inside with the doors locked and windows up. I ran back to my car to get my emergency vehicle rescue knife. When I got back somebody else had just busted the passenger side window with an axe. The first police officer, officer O’Donovan I believe, arrived soon after and immediately went to the passenger window and tried to get the driver out. I noticed that it wasn’t really working so I thought the driver may have been unconscious and the smoke was obscuring vision so I went around the fence the cab had crashed through. Cedric was conscience but unresponsive and his window was open. I yelled for him to climb out the window, be looked at me started to climb out then stopped and pointed at the door as if asking me to open or unlock it. That’s when I realized he wasn’t going to get out on his own so I ran to the window and started pulling him out. I heard the officer yell “come to the passenger side window!” So I yelled back “he can’t reach the passenger side!” I got Cedric mostly out (to about his knees) then tripped on some debris that had broken off from the barn/fence. The officer caught me and together we moved Cedric to the curb. I stayed with him for a few minutes waiting for the paramedics, he showed severe signs of bread trauma including extreme short term memory loss (looks at the fire, comments on it. Looks away, looks back, comments on it again as of he hadn’t seen it at all) I left shortly after the paramedics arrived.

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