[UPDATE 9:54 p.m.] Residential Fire in Trinidad

Tonight about 9:45 p.m. a home is burning on Gipson Lane in Trinidad. The incident commander in charge of fighting the fire reports that it is a one story, single family residence. He reports that one corner, about a quarter of the house, is involved.

Several fire departments and Cal Fire have responded to the blaze.

UPDATE 9:54 p.m.: The incident commander is now reporting that the fire has burned over 50% of the residence.



  • Was anyone home?I sure hope not.Nothing worse,been in 3 house fires as a child never forgot a.thing.i still have bad dreams over time they have faded some just can’t get that smell or noise out of my head.

  • One fella lives there, good neighbors alerted him. Empty trailer caught on fire somehow. Calfire did a great job getting it out. Dont think there was damage to main residence.

  • YES love good neighbors looking out for each other Brovo!!!we need more of that.so glad he’s alright thanks for the info

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