Supervisors Vote Against Sending a Letter to Caltrans About Alleged Miranda Water Theft

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted against sending a letter to Caltrans about the theft of water by one of the subcontractors working on a job. Up to 11,000 gallons of water was allegedly stolen on September 21 by Myers and Sons Construction. Although the Board agreed that this was a serious issue, they believed that “Caltrans needs no prodding” to deal appropriately with the situation.

A letter from Caltrans noted that they had quickly dismissed the responsible crew from the current job and “directed Myers and Sons Construction to provide receipts for all of their water draws now and in the future.”

Supervisor Estelle Fennel dissented against the Board’s decision.

KMUD’s Daniel Mintz covers this story in depth in the audio file below.

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  • Well good deal!someone at least is on it!!!yay!!!!

  • If the water were stolen for a marijuana garden everyone would be up in arms. There would be “prodding”.

  • What a joke. Sweep it all back under the rug

    • In my experience that’s all boards of sups will do every time unless there is fantastic pressure from citizens. The status quo is always less dangerous to their careers than doing anything.

      • yup. job number one: keep your job. somewhere way down the list there might be “proactively help/aid/assist our constituents.” as long as polling shows it wont threaten job one: keep job.

        this was clear case of theft of our/my citys water.

        • The board members are volunteer & don’t get paid. Plus I went to a board meeting for all of the water boards (lol) for SoHum & they are all struggling to have enough board members to stay compliant with the laws. So I don’t think they are so worried about their “jobs”. They are board members because they care about the cause.

          That said, I don’t agree with their discission. They should be prodding. Let big corp & Caltrans know that we are not a community to take advantage of. If they won’t prod, there is nothing stopping the rest of us from prodding. Hit Caltrans & Myers & Sons up on twitter, Facebook, and email. All the info is on

          If you are angry, stop expecting someone else to so the work so you can sit back & complain that its not getting done. Do something yourself!! Emails can empower people more then you’d think…

  • Freeway looks better than ever, and they busted it out quick. I think we should really question the dust controls in our rural community. We drive 4x4s and side by sides on dirt roads all day in soHum. Don’t you think we could lift the dust regs during times of drought?

  • Yes Supervisors, Caltrans does need a letter from you to make sure all contractors, not just Meyers, show receipts for their water truck filling.

    It was a deliberate grand theft caught red-handed. So where is Miranda with having the thieves prosecuted for their crime?

    • Government makes YOU pay, get over it.

      Water districts are wanna be Cylons.

      Take it all, nobody owns it.

      Keep Skynet out of our water…..

  • Lazy ass do nothing can’t rock the boat cause they might fall out little whining incompetants! Send the letter ! And file charges you doldrums !

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