Structure Fire Spread to Wildland on Fruitland Ridge

scannerKMUD reports that a structure fire spread to the wildlands about 5 a.m. this morning in Fruitland Ridge northeast of the Miranda.

“All occupants out of the home,” according to scanner traffic. But the home was “fully involved,” said KMUD’s news director Terri Klemetson.

Crews were able to knock things back and as of 6:06 a.m., it sounds as if crews are still working the situation.



  • Hope everyone is safe.

  • My husband left 30 mins ago headed that way to work,thanks for the praying everyone is ok.

  • concerned daughter

    Where exactly on fruitland?

  • Luckily, as it turned out, the early report of the structure fire’s spread to the
    wildland proved to be unfounded. It was pitch black at the time of the first resources
    (Fruitland VFD) arrival at scene, and with material on fire around the house, it was hard to tell exactly what was on fire, except for the large house which was almost fully involved. With units from Cal Fire”s and Miranda VFD’s timely arrival, good knockdown was achieved. Myers Flat VFD’s engine/water tender arrived to help shuttle water. Heavy mop up then ensued for the next several hours. The right end of the structure was reduced to a charred shell with the remainder of the house suffering heavy damage. Most, if not all,of the owner’s (who had safely evacuated the structure) possessions were destroyed by fire or ruined from smoke damage.

    A very sad sight to witness, was the resident pups, who continued to return to the scene, looking lost
    and bewildered, sniffing around to detect some sign of their once happy home.

    Chief George Monroe
    Myers Flat Volunteer Fire Department

  • Hey, George! You’re the one who saved that old redwood for me a few months ago, while I was sitting here wringing my hands and popping aspirin over all the wildfires. I love you.

    Yes, yes, you saved it for everybody, but I took it personally. xoxoxox

    • I doubt that it was just me. Extinguishing fires around here is almost always a group effort.
      I may have played a role… but I do not remember my single-handedly extinguishing any redwood
      tree fires. There have been some giant redwood trees that were apparently torched (unofficial), near
      Miranda recently, but those were definitely extinguished by several local agencies working as a
      group. Those agencies were Cal Fire, Humboldt Redwood State Parks, Miranda VFD, and Myers Flat VFD.


      • Yes. You had great help, but as I remember it you were the one who wouldn’t give up or wouldn’t call it off when it got too hard to save the tree. A bunch of resourceful and determined bodhisattvas who weren’t letting a precious ancient die. I am grateful for life.

        • Thanks for the love, but nope, that was not my call, although
          that is what my preference was…to save that giant tree. There
          are not that many left.


  • kathryn sonbergh

    I have to say thank to the firefighters who responded to my house on fruitland ridge, they did a wonderful job, I’m so thankful for al you did for you guys! kt

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