Southern Humboldt for Bernie Gathering to Watch Debate, You’re Invited


Dear Editor,
Please join Southern Humboldt for Bernie to watch the first Democratic Presidential Debate on the big screen at the Humboldt Bar & Grill in Garberville,October 13, doors open at 5:30, Debate starts at 6 pm

Appetizers will be provided and drinks will be available for purchase.

Check out our fantastic Facebook page for everything Bernie.
Thank you,
Robie Tenorio


  • Hopefully someone will ask him why he is proposing to strengthen and prosper the largest corporation of all (congress) when he supposedly is against crony capitalism.

  • The only way things will change is nobody showing up to have ballots tossed in a trashcan.

    Humanity needs to rise above slavery and coercion, or we perish with a few controlling the genes and agriculture.

    Run towards the apocalypse, it can’t hurt you. God has us here for a reason – laugh at them and embrace it.

  • Maybe we should just embrace the Apocalypse and turn our lives over to the many headed Hydra, that this world is fast becoming. it appears the people at the top are now making a open show to concentrate power with the few ruling families, and the rest of us are just serfs , The election is fixed, who ever gets in is just the patsy for the one world government. The Pope and the Vatican are pushing Bush. The Democrats want anybody in except Trump. The Republicans want anybody in except Trump. Even Fox News is courting anybody but Trump. Dont worry Trump haters, if he wins he will probably get shot. The American male has become so feminized that he cant think for himself.

  • Trump will cut out the middle Man! The super rich already own and run this country. He will stir up the common mans discontent. By saying things that may be true , but are not PC. When he gets a big enough crowd of pesants behind him. ( the light of their torches gleaming off the tines of their pitch forks) He will put that weight behind the guy that will DO HIM THE MOST GOOD. Leaving Americans feeling like the CHUMP NATION we are becoming. There is a place for politcal correctness in society, but theres a difference between a BLEEDING HEART and a THINKING HEART. “A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT AND A BIG SCREEN TV IN EVERY ROOM!” GOOD LUCK BERNI !

    • All these government hand out takers should just get a job or make something of themselves besides waiting/voting for handouts. There is no such thing as free lunch, healthcare, cellphone or flat screen tv. That piper that has delivered these to you will come a calling and the price won’t be negotiable – are you willing to pay?

    • I thought this thread was about Bernie. Trump is another candidate. So is Carson, Paul, and a dozen others.

    • Trump?

      Did Paul 3008, like it mattered.

      Abolishment of government is the only way Man progresses.

      Moon landings were faked…

    • Won’t happen. And organizations like Amac will not help. Every week I get ads to join their organizations. I agree about AARP and Amac in bed with ranking Republicans who are the servants of BIG business. Conservative huge corporations that are recipients of favors from Amac/AARP supported mega rich people who could care less about seniors or the near poverty levels most Americans currently try to survive. Like their Amac/AARP supported Conservative Republican friends reducing the funding of Medicare that helps with the funding of wars that use volumes of taxpayer paid for products the rich military conservative corporations (G. Bush and Cheney close friends) that are majority owned by ultra rich Republicans. I am sick that 1% of rich Conservatives own 95% of our nation’s wealth. They refuse to pay their fair share, ship good paying jobs overseas, buying elected officials, funding groups that attempt to disallow low income Americans to share in the nation’s wealth that used to be a part of the American Dream by stifling wages and in addition refusing the same people from voting by rearranging voter areas to favor the conservative Republicans. We no longer live in a Democracy, but rather an Oligarchy. The rich own everything and they need to be stopped before no one in this Country would be able to affordably live. Amac does not support any middle class citizens. Like their greedy friends they just want to be a part the 1% that are for the wealthy becoming richer. AARP is no different!!

    • A blog like this couldn’t only happen here, in Humboldt: useful pawns (for the rich) who don’t realize it’s our military budget that is the #1 cause of economic problems and the reactionary dopes who fail to realize cannabis’ benefits as a medicine, it’s like Texas without the Evangelicals.

  • Who are all these people?

  • When’s Bernie going to have his heart attack already?

  • I wa t to k ow how he pla s to pay for all this free college and other programs he is so fond of.
    Balance the damn budget already

    • He wants to tack another 16 trill to the dedt and increase taxes to 80 percent he openly admits to it.

      • Correct. Saddest part? Once they wake up and realize that when he said “there is no president who can help the working class”, he meant it. When the working class is finished, they too will be in the cheese lines. When the rich can no longer survive because nobody can buy their products, they too will be in the cheese lines. Got goats?
        Wait. Even the goats will be finished off. Why? It’s not a USA socialist push, or a Bernie push, it’s a Global push. Somehow I highly doubt that the Shiek, the Rothschilds, Kissinger, Gates, Oprah, Di’Capprio, and the rest are going to be divvying up globally. A penny for everyone. A pair of shoes for everyone. Finished.
        Wait. Depopulation, the new word for this generation. How could I forget!
        Sick? No work, no cheese.
        Disabled? No work, no cheese.
        Older than 8 levels? No work, no cheese.
        Christian, Atheist, Undecided? No love the Shiek’s religion, no head.
        Hey, but at least the working slaves got cheese again.

  • SoHum dope growers who do not pay income taxes but relay on public services are all for Bernie.

  • They all feed from the same trough and that trough is filled with money and party favors. One exception is Bernie Sanders. He has not been bought and paid for by anyone. For many years now ,he has been unwaivering and forthright. Unfortunately, he does not have even the slightest chance because he is (horrors!) a Socialist and the Clinton machine is moneyed and mighty. However, having him in the race has changed the dialogue and forced the other candidates to address some of those key issues that he is so passionate and fearlessly vocal about. Go Bernie!, for as long as you are able.

  • When’s Bernie going to have his heart attack?

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    Bernie’s hall pass from the democratic party will soon be pulled, Biden is coming into the race because the party has a heads up from the white house of new info damaging to HRC that they feel she cannot recover from.

  • I haven’t seen it printed yet, so I’ll say what I think someone should have said [edit] I’d bet the majority of you don’t volunteer to do anything worthwhile in the way of being part of a solution to community problems. So quick to criticize and condone tearing the system down, but strangely mute about what you think should replace it. [edit]

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