Man Shot in Marijuana Garden Charged With Murder

CaptureThe Mendocino Sheriff’s Office is releasing more information on a case that began September 27 with a man, Edgar Fidel Contreras (age 25), calling for help saying he had been shot in a marijuana garden. He was found alive but with multiple gunshot wounds and flown to an out-of-the-area hospital for medical assistance. However, another man was found deceased in the grow about a quarter mile from where the first victim was located. Law enforcement released the name of the victim, 43-year-old Marcos Bautista from Cloverdale. The autopsy determined that he had died as the result of multiple gunshot wounds.

Today, Contreras was charged with his murder and with robbery. Two other men have already been arrested in connection with Bautista’s death.

Contreras is expected to be held in lieu of $500,000.00 bail.



  • He resembles Orlando Bloom, going to play with the pirates in the hole

    • That’s funny! I was wondering why he looked so familiar. I looked at the name, and thought ‘nope’; then I read your comment.

  • What a bunch of back stabbing, no good bitches.

  • All are probably illegally in the country and doing what they do in their own country. Here they are protected by political fools and think and operate like major criminals because of it and they are even more dangerous here and act even worse then at home where very swift justice would be seen for outlaws like this.

    • Don’t make producing valuable street drugs your profession and immensely reduce your risk of falling victim to violent robbery. Simple concept.

    • Yes, illegals. Probably came over during ” Operation Fast & Furious. Good going Obama, even the black community thinks you are a stinker

      • A fool indeed would even TRY to infuse a slant on politics, especially Obama, into this conversation. FYI: It was the Bush(ler) regime that created all of the ongoing unrest regarding immigration. Actually it was that old bitch union-busting Ronnie Reagan who initiated the ’cause’ but the Bush(ler)s brought it into the front and center position it is now. Remember GW getting tagged for having ‘wets’* working his Texas ranch digs? He soon after ‘let them go, since he hadn’t realized he was in illegal mode! BS! *(his words [on the record], not mine)

  • What ever happened to that whole “convict AG Eric Holder of treason(or for being an absolutely irresponsible dumbass)”campaign a few years back after “Operation Fast and Furious” shit smeared our justice department….(would saying they were “dirty sanchez’d be going too far?ah whatever, it’s the best I can do at this hour)…. ??? Not to get off topic… Just wondering.

  • I am confused. Sounds like the robbers shot at themselves. This happened near Yorkville.

    Marcos Bautista, 43, of Cloverdale, has died, found at the scene.
    Edgar Fidel Contreras, of Windsor, the one who called a friend for help.
    Isidro Lopez-Bernal, 26, of Ukiah, and
    Mario Godinez-Gonzalez, 25, of Cloverdale, both were arrested on suspicion of murder and robbery.

    Who is from Yorkville? Whose grow was it?

  • It doesn’t sound like anyone was really from Yorkville it was a trespass grow these other guys found our about it or were involved peripherally and decided they wanted a bigger cut of the pie.

  • Were they so high and nervous that they cross fired themselves?
    Or did someone open up after the goods were loaded?
    Either way, that’s what you get living less than a tank of gas from SF.

    Sad for their families…

  • Greed,it’s ugly isn’t it

  • did we manage to double the homicide rate again this year?

  • At least they got one of the guys trying to murder and rob them these guys were/are both groups probably are gang members it’s a lot people running around the woods with guns. Probably 1 bad as$ with a few wanna be’s there for bullet sponges.

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