[FOUND!] Missing Dogs: Have You Seen Them? $200 Reward

Sqwa and Mae, the two good-looking dogs below, were stolen from where they were leashed last night in front of Sal’s Myrtlewood Lounge between 11:30 last night and 1:00 this morning. The dog’s owner, Meghan Styles has “filed a report with the sheriff, and put them on Paws Cause,” wrote a friend this morning. “It’s 5:30 am. We just got back from walking all of Devils Playground calling their name and driving all Old/Downtown to no avail.”

“These are very sweet dogs that would go with anyone because they love people. We are all worried sick,” reports the friend.

If you see them, please contact Ms. Styles at (707) 298-0154 or Meghanlstyles@gmail.com.

UPDATE: $200 Reward for the dogs.

UPDATE: The dogs have been returned.

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  • kind of wondering why you had your beloved dogs tied up at a bar for 3 hours?

    • So sorry for your loss and I hope you get them back soon. As a fellow dog owner, a dog can handle being outside for a few hours at night. Maybe the owner is the type of person that takes their dogs with them everywhere they go. Good luck.

  • Sad, I am sure they are worried, but why were they tied up at night outside a bar? Doesn’t seem like a good way to care for your dogs, leaving them outside tied up for hours. Wonder if someone “rescued” them from being tied up.

  • Check the Pine motel,they like to keep them there for a couple of days and see how well the dog behaves before they do what they do.

    • Ransom or make a Korean deli dish?

      Dogs are prolly much happier now, why care?

      They go with anyone says it all…

      Cops should arrest her…

  • Sounds like they were rescued, not stolen.

  • Seems strange that if the poor dogs were tied up in Myrtle area at the bar where they disappeared for the owner and friend to head four miles away to search devils playground behind the mall for them. I also agree that leaving your dogs tied up outside a bar for that long is pretty selfish on the owners part.

  • I know these dogs, and Meghan. They are incredible, sweet dogs who are very well taken care of. It’s too bad everyone jumps to negative conclusions when they don’t know the background story. If anyone has any inkling of where these dogs could be, please help us find them. There is a reward for their return, no questions asked. The person /people who took these dogs did not “rescue” them.

    Kym, thank you so much for all you do for our community.

    • “leashed last night in front of Sal’s Myrtlewood Lounge between 11:30 last night and 1:00 this morning”

      “We just got back from walking all of Devils Playground calling their name and driving all Old/Downtown to no avail.”

      What conclusions were incorrectly jumped to F ?

      I’m sorry about your dogs. That really sucks. I’m also sorry your immediate response was to assume blame on the most down-and-out people in this county. Someones gonna trade your dog for speed? I cant stand alcoholics who look down on folks who prefer other substances. Were the laws a bit different, or like they used to be you’d be in DEvils PLayground drinking and those folks would have access to pure amphetamines and not this psychosis inducing body destroying explosion prone meth.

  • If the commenters would use their energies to help find the dogs instead of thinking up snarky comments maybe the dogs would already be found. Leaving a dog tied up for an hour and half is not a crime get over it.

    • As a dog lover I hope these dogs are reunited with the owner. They look like we’ll cared for dogs in this picture and I’m sure the owner is very upset. What you call “snarky” comments I would call rational comments from people who I assume are also dog lovers. It may or may not be a crime to tie a dog up for an hour and a half (I’m not up to date on Eureka’s current tethering laws) but under these circumstances it’s very irresponsible of the owner. To tie two dogs up outside of a bar in Eureka, especially that late at night, and not check on them for an hour and a half, I’m assuming because the owner was in the bar drinking, should be considered a crime. So hopefully all of these “snarky” comments are enough that the owner learns to be more considerate of their pets from now on. I’m sure the dogs are just as upset as the owner so I hope whoever has them does the right thing and returns them.

  • Maybe in that long of time tied up, they untied themselves, are wandering around Myrtletown somewhere. The owners thought the worst, and instead of looking right there where they were last seen, went all the way over to Devils’ playground? Call the Animal control, maybe picked up by now…

  • So where are their collars and IDs? Rabies Vaccination tags? Licenses? Chips in? They don’t look like anything one would want to breed, so who’s got the spay and neuter records? Tied up outside a bar… I’m betting someone finally did right by them. Disgusting.

  • I agree with zslayer, they are probably with someone who won’t tie them up outside at a bar whilst the owner is getting drunk. I’m sure some other drunk took them, maybe she should ask her bar mates.

  • They had collars and leashes, May is micro-chipped…they were stolen right out in the open…the Sheriff and Animal Control were called…posters have been plastered all over Eureka…

    Since they were stolen, their owners, friends and loved ones have searched non-stop for them. So Please. If you see them, help them – call us. We would do the same for you.

    These dogs are amazing, wonderful creatures who got all the love and attention they could ever need, and now they are gone to who knows what fate.

    • Has someone asked the bar if they have cameras outside? I’d ask every business and residence that has a view of where the dogs were tied.

  • concerned neighbor

    I’d never leave my dogs tied up outside any where for any amount of time. I just don’t see how a rational person would think “hey let’s walk the dogs to the bar” leave them at home. It’s kind of like leaving a kid in the car at the bar…

    • The dogs were leashed. They knew where their master was. They weren’t locked up in a car like children. They were’t barking or being aggressive. Someone stole them. Their owner was inside a building. Don’t assume the owner was drinking alcohol or drunk.

  • The dogs have been found, no thanks to the sanctimoneous self righteous cretins who occupy the comment section here. Not you Dumboldt and Robin, I appreciated your thoughtful comments. For all of you who thought they were “rescued” and to the geniuses who mocked the owners for going to homeless encampments, they were stolen by a young homeless man, Gasp! Exactly as suspected!

    I hope that every single person who wrote something mean and hateful to the young girl who had her dogs stolen comes home to find the thing they love most is gone!

    Then maybe they will understand what empathy is.

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