[Update 8:30 p.m.: Four Injured] Nasty Accident on 101 in McKinleyville Area

Arcata Fire’s twitter page is alerting us to a traffic collision on Highway 101 near School road. We’ll update this post when we have more information.

From Arcata Fire’s Twitter page:

Update 4:20 p.m.: Press release from Arcata Fire:

arcata fire(McKinleyville, CA) – October 6, 2015 – At approximately 2:30 p.m. Arcata Fire District responded to a two vehicle accident on north bound Highway 101 south of School Road. The first engine arrived on scene and reported two vehicles involved with one off the roadway and another on the shoulder on fire. They also reported there were four injured patients with one pinned in the car.

The first engine on scene with a two-person crew was faced with a vehicle fire, four patients and extrication. Addition resources from Arcata Fire District as well as Humboldt Bay Fire (HBF) and Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Department (BLVFD) were requested. All Arcata Fire District resources were committed to this incident; therefore, HBF and BLVFD assisted with coverage in the Arcata Fire District. “The ability to have automatic aid from neighboring agencies is a huge benefit in situations like this,” said Fire Chief Desmond Cowan.

At the time of this press release, the condition of the four patients and the cause of the accident is unknown. California Highway Patrol is investigating.

Update 8:30 p.m.: Press release from the California Highway Patrol:



On October 6, 2015 at approximately 1412 hours, Nichole Moritz was driving a  Ford Mustang on southbound US-101 south of School Road, in the #1 lane directly to the rear of an unknown party who was driving an unknown black sport utility vehicle.  Kathleen Via was driving a Honda Accord on southbound US-101 in the #2 lane, immediately to the right of the sport utility vehicle.  The sport utility vehicle made a lane change to the right directly into the lane of the Honda.  The driver of the Honda took evasive action to avoid a collision and lost control of her vehicle as it began to travel into the #1 lane into the path of the Ford.  The driver of the Ford took evasive action and lost control of her vehicle.  The Ford traveled across center median and into the northbound lanes.  Alyssa Joel was driving a Honda CRV northbound on US-101 and was unable to avoid a collision with the oncoming Ford.  All occupants of the Ford as well as Joel were transported to Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata.  The cause of this collision remains under investigation, however members of the public who may have witnessed this collision are requested to call the CHP at (707) 822-5981 (business hours) or (707) 268-2000 (after hours or weekends).

The California Highway Patrol – Humboldt Area responded to the scene and is conducting the investigation.  Personnel from the Arcata Fire District, Arcata-Mad River Ambulance also responded to the scene.



  • Looked bad. Slow the hell down.

    • The way i read it, speed wasn’t the problem. The black car wouldn’t stay to the right. The number one cause of road rage. Then, in a panic they tried to move right without looking. When are people ever going to learn that the left lane is for passing only? You don’t have the right to be in the left lane.

      • The way I read it is that the mustang was tailgating and the Honda moved to the right lane causing the crash. Driving “directly to the rear” implies the mustang was too close the vehicle in front. Speed may not have been a factor but impatience sure was. Either way slow down.

  • Yikes!!praying for all involved.Please drive alert,slow down get there alive.Your life is worth a few more minutes.

  • natural selection

    Would bet this car was speeding&following too close behind a truck or other vehicle. Personally am sick of dummies leaving 5ft or less between their front end and the back of my ride. I dont think I’d ever say it but the chp needs to b more aggresive out there as eventually someones bound to brake check them and watch them roll in the rear view mirror waving bye-bye.
    If thats how folks wanna drive, pls go back to LA. Considering HSU had an incoming freshman class of close to 1300 with 70% from LA, well that’s a lotta folks used to driving in a way that seems stupid crazy here. The freeways there are very different from the highways here (except for maybe the 110 in LA, it’s curvy with some blind spots as it was originally built for the electric trains bak in the day). I guess folks who tailgate&swerve lane to lane and crash are darwin award worthy. Especially if they’re talking/texting at same time (a law not enforced at all in LA)

  • The warmer it gets the more people drive as selfish morons. Especially getting
    into McKinleyville. Good grief get a clue people. SLOW DOWN!

  • We would love to know if the person they extricated made it o.k. We were one of the first to stop and it was a very awakening experience…so sad..

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