21-Year-Old Medevacked After Cliff Rescue Last Night

scannerAccording to Terri Klemetson at KMUD News, a 21-year-old male was transported via helicopter after being rescued from over a cliff near Redway. At a little before 12:30 a.m., Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue began the rescue of the man with moderate injuries behind Dazey’s in Redway. Using a rope rescue hoist, they brought the man up the bank to a waiting ambulance. He was then brought to the Garberville Airport and taken out by helicopter to hospital out of the immediate area.



  • Been hearing the medivac helicopter coming in alot more over the past few years.

  • Wow. He’s a lucky man that we have the best rescue teams around!!!

  • He’s an idiot got too high and walked off a cliff. People from the city can be awfully dumb when they come to the country.

    • “People from the city can be awfully dumb when they come to the country.”

      That’s funny, they say the same thing about me when I go to the city…

    • He is from the country [edit]. He is like a brother to me and you shouldn’t talk down on someone who got hurt [edit]. Have a heart [edit].

    • Obviously you don’t know him cuz he is from here

    • Before you start to say things maybe you try and figure out the story.. I hardly think it matters how or why it happened it just did.. accidents do happen ..you shud not say absurd and ridiculous things about someone who could have died and is in serious condition no matter who they are may it be a local an out of towner a homeless they are all people just like you .. so please people think before you post all your thoughtless comments it’s just uncalled for especially when you know absolutely nothing about the situation ..

    • He wasn’t high. And he’s a local.

    • He/ We are very fortunate to have him alive.

  • There’s too many homeless transients stomping around the county. Not young confused hippie kids but hardened alcoholic, drug people. They hang around Garberville, latonville, Willits, etc one was selling meth in the parking lot near Burger King in Willits I watched him hide his scale and baggies in the bushes while he got something to eat. I suspected it was drug crap he didn’t want to chance on him in case of police he gave me a threatening look so I jacked him and threw it all in the dump it wasn’t theft because he left it in a trash can I don’t want my daughter to have to grow up around tweakers.

  • Caligirl– I live in Eureka, but am lucky enough to have a friend who owns MTN property, where we hang from April till Nov. There are some pretty nasty ravines and bluffs around us, and I dont think you would catch me playing on them in the middle of the night!!!! So glad your bro had a dynomite rescue team to help him out!!! Hope he will be OK, and maybe be a little more careful next time

    • Thank you Ms. Jensen 🙂 I’m not sure about the condition he’s in right now, but he is a good kid. Not a druggie nor a transient. He has a good job, and lots of friends that love him. He grew up all over that Mtn. And in the SO. hum area. Just glad he’s not dead and they could rescue him:)

  • Was he a Local or a Trimigrant??
    If he was a local, I’ll donate to a CCUSH account for him.
    Accidents happen.

    • He is local!!

    • Kym, why did you censor what I said if he was a Trimigrant?
      If you censor people’s opinions based on feelings you’re not allowing the public to gain a emotional connection to the problem that’s running rampant in our community.
      I was politically correct with my statement and also did not stoop to cursing.. I’m confused why my opinion can’t be heard?
      Thank you for giving people a outlet but censorship does nothing for a healthy conversation.

      • Dan, I try to find a balance between allowing people a place to speak their minds and harboring a place that foments violence towards a group of people. I felt that what you said might encourage an attitude that hurting trimigants was okay. Cursing doesn’t bother me much. An attitude that human beings deserve pain is dangerously close to actually hurting people.

  • 21 year olds aren’t hardened transients sorry I will throw down 50$ for being too much of an a-hole. I am a carpenter and have had my job sites ripped off 3 times over the last two years I caught the guy and his friend on camera. It bothers me that some homeless won’t/don’t want to/aren’t able to work and instead become a blight on this area.

    • He has a job, even his own apartment. He’s just a kid.. I’ve known him for YEARS. He is like family. He’s not a transient, homeless, junkie or whatever label people have now days. He got hurt and I’m glad they could rescue him. I don’t think you’re being an asshole, I just think that with how Cali is going you have no choice but to label people based upon what the media says.. I’m telling you from a family perspective that this guy isn’t a junkie or druggie. We all make mistakes and face the consequences. Thanks && god bless.

  • Glad he got saved. [edit]

  • First off all human life is precious! Don’t be too quick to judge, nobody deserves to go thru what Frankie is Facing now. For the record, I own a business in town & write a check to this kid 40-50 yrs a week. He is one of my best workers. He pays his bills n helps when & where he can. Two months ago he helped a local senior move his whole apartment of +20 years just because he knew his friend needed help. So please instead of judgement & trolling on others in a time of sorrow, judge yourself. Take a good look in the mirror & know you can be a better person today starting right now. We love you Frankie! We miss you & want you home!

  • Hey kim this is mark your school mate I just don’t know what to think about what has and is happening to Humboldt co do you remember what it was like when we were kids ,so sad to see.what’s happened to our beloved home ,and all this crime is from out siders,it seems every ten yrs it’s gotten worse how’s merna just lost my mom last March

  • If you want a free chopper ride, can you just climb somewhere and have a friend call you in?

    Will people start “swatting” hikers in the future for pranks?

    Glad he’s OK and got a cool chopper ride. Glad they have found better uses of choppers.

  • **REMINDER**
    Dont be so quick to pass judgement. The moment you do your destin to find your self in the same situation. Most of what I wanted to say I will keep to myself but why does everybody have to immediately feel the need to bshare their negative energy didnt your mother ever teach you if you dont have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut save it for a more appropriate time please and thank you.

  • I normally don’t comment on here even though I read LoCo and KymKemp every day during lunch but this time I felt compelled. Franky is a good kid not a trimmigtant he went to school her redway Miranda south fork which makes him more a local than 75 % of you commenting. He works a full time job and has his own apartment in garberville once again making him more productive to this town and his community than 90% of the worthless trolls that make up the majority of the comment section

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