Southern Humboldt Woman Shot in Face Needs Multiple Surgeries


A shooting on Wade Road in Southern Humboldt left two victims. One, Melissa Vallecillo, faces multiple surgeries in the next few months. A GoFundMe page set up to defray medical expenses and help family members come to her side reports that it will take some time for her to recover. According to the page, doctors ” have removed one of the two bullets to her face.” She will be transferred to another hospital for reconstructive surgery.

The page describes the woman as being the victim of a home invasion robbery. So far, law enforcement has released few details about the case. They have only stated that the shots appeared to come from outside a trailer and no suspect has been arrested.

The GoFundMe page states that Vallecillo (known as Meli) is able to squeeze loved one’s hands and “move her head and legs.” It also says that she will “need to go through multiple surgeries and extensive care, but she is expected to pull through ok.”

To stay abreast of her progress and donate, click here for the GoFundMe page.

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  • Oh God, I don’t know you Meli but I am holding you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. Hang in there.

  • I do not know her, either, but what a lovely young woman. And, that beautiful smile is very telling of a sweet soul. I hope she recieves more than enough money to defray the medical costs and makes a full recovery.

  • Thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering and worrying.

  • Obama care should cover it right

    • I don’t know what city her hospital is in. The GoFundMe is also to help family members travel and stay in that city. I was hospitalized far from home for several weeks. Even with a hospital discount the motel room’s cost added quickly. Then there is the food cost.

      Part of her healing includes being surrounded by loving members of her family and her friends.

  • Dude there’s a cold place in hell for the guy that did this.

  • Bless your heart.good luck to you hoping for the best.

  • Is there an account at the Credit Union to donate to instead of GoFundMe?

  • Also, Kym, are there any leads yet?

  • I want to donate, but I do not have a credit card, leave bank info and I will place a deposit there.

    • She has a personal account at Community Credit Union. I’m sure if you give them her name, Melissa Vallecillo, they could look it up & deposit it to her own account. She’d be able to access it with her debit card or withdrawl later.

  • How is the young man? Is he still in a hospital?

    • He survived 4 gunshots, leg, neck n shoulder. Yet he was still able to run her down a Humboldt Terrain Road, to the paramedics coming up the hill. He is out of the ICU and expected to recovery. He is very upset bout Mellie and hoping to transfer to her hospital to be with her soon. Take care my friends. We love & Miss You!

  • When I saw another photo of Meli I realized I do know her from Blue Moon shopping. She ALWAYS came in with big smiles and happy talk. She always seems happy and sweet. How in the hell did this happen…..I would be so scared if I lived where they did. The shooter could have killed them easily, they are lucky they are alive. Please help Meli if you can. Sweet woman.

  • they probably don’t need a go fund me page..all they need to do is dig up some of the Untaxed dollars they buried

    • Can you please keep your snid remarks somewhere else. This girl works a normal 9-5, feeds the homeless, helps seniors,, the list goes on n on for this girl. Before you make assumptions bout someone else, spend it fixing your own problems instead of being a jerk online where her family from the East Coast will be reading this. Have a heart.!

      • She is a wonderful person and has a huge heart. Thanks for sticking up for her.

      • The sheriff’s office reported that the shooting happened at the scene of a grow site. This is one of the risks that you take when you have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of street drugs on your property. It sounds like she was a great woman and this is sad but not unexpected. Nobody is surprised when a crack dealer gets shot in the ghetto and this situation doesn’t appear to be much different. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know her or what was going on up there. Just pointing out to the rest of you that this is an inherent risk of involving yourself in the drug culture. This is reality.

        • Just imagine someone wrote this about a bank robbery in which a teller was shot:

          “The sheriff’s office reported that the shooting happened at a bank. This is one of the risks that you take when you have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at your workplace. It sounds like she was a great woman and this is sad but not unexpected. Nobody is surprised when a crack dealer gets shot in the ghetto and this situation doesn’t appear to be much different. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know her or what was going on up there. Just pointing out to the rest of you that this is an inherent risk of involving yourself in culture that carries lots of money. This is reality.”

          Whether or not you agreed with our banking system or our drug war, wouldn’t you think that blaming the victim is a bit harsh especially while she is still lying in a hospital bed?

          Also, law enforcement said a SMALL grow. Small is a relative term but in no way does it equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many small growers do so for themselves or make less than $50,000 per year. Equating a small grow with a massive grow is like equating a pinch with an amputation.

          • If it is indeed a small personal grow then my comment doesn’t apply to her and she is not being blamed for anything. If it is a commercial grow, even one only worth $50k, then I’m not at all surprised that this happened and I’m sure it will happen to someone else soon. I don’t believe I made any comparisons about grow sizes, but if comparing a small grow ($50k?!) to a big one is like comparing a pinch to an amputation then what is comparing a legitimate business to an illegal backwoods drug manufacturing operation like? I just meant to point out that elevated risk of violent robbery is a part of the package deal that a person gets when they sign up to profit from growing pot. And again, I’m not saying that was the situation in this case.

          • Legality or illegality as a measure of ethics has never struck me as particularly meaningful since slavery, rape, and murder have all been legal at various times in various cultures. I’d say I was comparing a rural farmer whose business was unfairly made illegal with a enormous corporation that, with others, was responsible for the collapse of the economy ( ) It’s a matter of perspective.

            But kindness and concern for a young woman who was injured in a cowardly attack seem like universally good ideas that transcend concepts of illegality.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Thank you, Kym, for offering a different analysis of this tragedy. People can be so cruel.

    • Beau, the giver gets blessed more than the receiver, so we give to get a blessing, you are looking at this in purely fleshly terms.

    • From what I understand she didn’t even do the regular Humboldt ways she actually had a real job. Instead of judging maybe you should pray for her and yourself!

    • [edit] (mynameisbeau). [edit] Have some respect. If that was your sister or wife or whatever you’d hate to read the words you just wrote. [edit]

  • Please be kind.No one deserves this to happen to them,I’m still praying for her and hope her recovery is fast.bless you sweet lady

  • Hopefully the parasites that did this are eliminated before they do it again. Very sad this happened to these people.

  • No one has to tell every fact here but I hope the right people get told and find the person or persons.
    Makes me sick to think of. Get well and know people care.

  • It takes a special girl or woman to live in the woods or in the country period and when out of town drug people come and shoot one in the face twice it makes it that much scarier and frightening for all other women that area. It’s not just an attack on two people but an attack on an entire community. The response should be proportionate. Law enforcement has cameras set on alderpoint rd on both sides of Wade rd they probably already have pictures of the vehicle so I think it’s a matter of time before they catch these guys. Who would do something so heinous is the question. Is it gangs someone’s who’s disturbed they obviously had a vehicle possibly there were two people that seems to be how it usually goes two people robbing the grow in Yorkville two people attempting the home invasion in Scotia and two guys trying to jump my fence last night one in my yard one in the getaway car. I string barb wire 2 ft off the ground and make it taunt with a come along works great for me.

  • Our family is praying for God to be at the Center of this situation and to permeate love and healing throughout. We love you meli. Love and support to you all. Family and commenters!
    Myrrh x

  • Thank you for your prayers she’s hundreds of miles away from that county. Thank you also for your donations as my sister is a Florida native my parents flew out there. I have kids in school that’s why I can’t be there. I understand the town she’s is now is very high end so everything around is expensive. Thanks again for your donations as for now it made it possible for my parents to be with their baby girl whom they had when they were in their forties (I was sixteen and everyone at the mall used to think she was mine). Needless to say she’s our baby. We are a working family, my parents have been married for almost 46 years (I will be 45 a little before that) Melissa grew up with both parents whom love her dearly. My father worked and mom stayed home to take care of us. She has five kids nephews one of them my son and a little niece my daughter. Every parent wish their kids could be close to them but we all know we grow up and want to see the world. FYI since some are curious there’s no buried money anywhere my sister wasn’t even supposed to be there that night also she’s had different jobs at Humboldt and she does all that other work people talk about from the kindness of her heart. I’m working on opening a regular account gofund charges but it was practical. Thank you again and keep praying for her as she is undergoing surgery tomorrow again.

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