Miranda 4-H Kicks Off a New Year, New Members Welcome

Press release from the Miranda 4-H:

(Photos and text by Malachi Church, son of Kym Kemp:)

4-H 1Miranda 4-H invites you to join them in exploring the wonders of craftsmanship and the heights of knowledge. The club is looking for new members. Anyone willing to join between the ages of 5 and 18 will be accepted. The members of Miranda 4-H club learn fun things like archery, cooking, sewing, blacksmithing, poultry, Lego engineering, swine, rabbits, goats, horses/miniature horses, outdoor adventures and many more fun activities. You can choose to participate in any of these. So come and join the 4-H.

The Miranda-Garberville-Redway area has only one club, Miranda 4-H Club.  The first community meeting of this year will be held on Tuesday, October 6, at 6 p.m. in Miranda at Steven’s Hall.  New members are welcome. The enrollment cost is $39 per youth.

“4-H is a youth organization where kids…can learn by doing.  There are community meetings where you learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills. There are also project meetings where you get hands on learning experiences in the topics you choose,” said Shanna Archibold, 4-H Community leader.

4-HTo start out the Miranda 4-H  had their award ceremonies the second week in September  at Stephens Hall in Miranda. Those in 4-H last year got awards and the few that got awards at the county level went on to go to the county 4-H awards ceremony.

According to Archibold,

The County 4-H awards ceremony was held on Saturday, September 12 in Eureka.  Miriah Willis, Jonathan Archibold, Raya Mahony, Kaylee Pogue, Kit Stark, Daphne Hobbs, Logan Hobbs, Mimi LeClair, and Malachi Church were all honored for their recordbooks.  Kaylee was honored for her Secretary’s Book. Mimi and Jonathan were honored for their proficiency in their projects.  Malachi, Jonathan and Wyatt Leach were honored for their excellent archery at the State 4-H shoot. Congratulations!

Some members of Miranda 4-H Club also exhibited at the Humboldt County Fair. Mimi won Best of Breed with her chicken. Daphne and Logan’s pigs both made market weight. Daphne got third place in  showmanship.  Raya showed alpine dairy goats, boer goats, a lamb, and Californian rabbits. She got Best in Show with her rabbit and supreme grand champion with her rabbit meat pen. She sold her lamb and rabbit meat pen at the auction. Daphne and Logan sold their pigs at the auction also.

Jonathan got first place on his rose he made in blacksmithing and best collection with his Lego minifigures. Kityra Stark, Dax Stark, Malachi Church, Jonathan Archibold and Kaylee Pogue worked hard to build the Humboldt County Fair out of Legos for their Lego Engineering Project. It won first in its category and Best Over All Lego Exhibit.  Congratulations!

Humboldt County 4-H will be celebrating National 4-H Week with a Lamb Barbecue in Fortuna October 4th from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Rohner Park in Fortuna.

Miranda 4-H would welcome any new members to the club. Anyone willing to learn is welcome in the Miranda 4-H. If you need any more information, contact Shanna Archibold at 707 498 7217.



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