Windy Much?

12074854_1018328401545684_683042725157608742_nTents flying and plants breaking, it’s been a wild and windy afternoon especially on the ridgetops of Humboldt County. The National Weather Service out of Eureka has issued a red flag warning as well as a hazardous seas warning.

“The combination of gusty winds and dry fuels will be conducive to rapid fire growth and extreme fire behavior,” they warn.

To the left is a graphic posted by the National Weather Service on their Facebook page showing the direction and speed of the winds.

Gusts up to 50 mph are possible around 200 feet until tomorrow morning.



  • We had a couple good howls and whistles up here near the border this afternoon. A bird in the redwood out my window was vocal about his aggravation, doing this half chirp and half squawk noise after each burst, but the wind seems to have only been intermittent over three or four hours, and not cold at all. I thought it would bring down the temperature quite a bit, coming from the north, but it sure didn’t.

    Forecast said it would be gone by tomorrow, but I think it might already be gone here. Of course, soon as I hit post my house could blow down…. 🙂

  • Woke up around 3:30 this am thinking someone was trying to break into our house but it was the wind. It was insane

  • Blew the Fortuna apple festival away.

  • We had fairly strong gusts here in the Hayfork area, as well. At one point it seemed to be raining pine needles and oak and cherry leaves chased madly about. The “wind in woods speaking autumnals.”

    [Leaves] ” … blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don’t worry about my destiny.”
    –Carl Sandburg

  • Hey, they said the wind would stop by today. It’s back. Steady hard breeze, with intermittent hard bursts of whistling and moaning wind. Sunny. I’m not liking how this could be stoking the Gasquet Complex back into eating up more acres.

    • What’s your temperature?

      • HOT! So weird. Feels like it’s 80º out there and the wind has stopped again.

        • Even hotter now. Seriously weird. And at least two more hours to peak heat for the day. If I go outside to find out exactly, it’ll let out what little “cool” air I have left in the house. It say’s 90º on Wunderground in Brookings, but it’s not that hot here… yet… but might well get there by 4pm at this rate.

          I thought this was a NORTH wind. What? What?

  • Seemed like typicical spring winds up here at my northern exposed cabin. About 10 gusting to 22 mph calming around 8. What was weird is around 10pm the temperature raised almost 10 degrees from 49 to 58 in a matter of minutes and stayed that way for about an hour.

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