Crime Happens During Anti-Crime Rally, EPD Captures Suspect


Operation Safe Streets participants carried signs as they gathered in front of the Bayshore Mall. [Photos provided by an organizer.]

This evening, between 70 and 75 participants gathered in front of the Bayshore Mall for an anti crime rally sponsored by Operation Safe Streets.

Meanwhile, ironically, across the street, one man accidentally staged his own pro crime protest by trying to break into a car by smashing its window.

Officers from the Eureka Police Department took exception to his behavior. A foot pursuit ensued and, according to Captain Steve Watson, eventually, the suspect, Brandon Wilks was arrested for “resisting arrest and being under the influence of drugs.”


Eureka Police arrest a suspect during the rally. [Photo tweeted by Capt. Steve Watson of the EPD]

Operation Safe Streets posted on their Facebook page that an Officer Watson pictured below was able to chase down the suspect.


Anti Crime rally. [Photo provided by an organizer.]




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