Bizarre Bumper Car Incident on Hwy 101 Today


One man was arrested this afternoon following a traffic incident that witness Jerry Latsko called “bizarre.” He described seeing two pickups that were “bumping and trying to impede each other” on Hwy 101 between Redcrest and Miranda a little after 2:30 p.m.

“[T]he larger, gray truck seemed to be trying to trap the smaller white truck,” Latsko wrote. “I kept waiting to get rear ended. [I]t could have caused a really bad accident but most people slowed down and kept their distance… .”

The driver of the smaller truck appeared to be attempting to get past the larger truck, he explained. “[T]he driver of the bigger truck kept trying to prevent it.”

According to Latsko, the California Highway Patrol arrived a little north of Miranda and boxed in the two vehicles. One CHP SUV pulled behind the two pickups and another pulled in front, Latsko said. “[B]y that time the trucks and other traffic were going relatively slowly enough so that it was possible. They quickly got the driver of the larger truck out of the vehicle and maneuvered the smaller truck to the northbound side of 101–cuffed the [driver of the larger truck] and stuck him in the back of one of the CHP vehicles.”

The officers then drove the truck out of the roadway.

Latsko said he did not know how many “actual bumps” occurred between the two vehicles. But, he said, the door of the big truck “had some definite wrinkles” which he saw when he passed the place where the pickups had been pulled over.

Latsko commended the California Highway Patrol for doing “a great job in a very dangerous spot… .”

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  • Nothing more interesting and dangerous as a game of “Bumper-pool” on the HWY

  • This happens a lot ! People think they are invincible on the road and use their vehicle to Bully other drivers to do their bidding . If your passing someone on the left , they gas it to make it harder to pass , if your passing on the right they try to get next to another vehicle and match the speed to dis allow the pass. That gets the passer to haul ass at a vehicle in the right hand lane and cut off the person trapping them . All of this is BS! Make your pass and pull right ! Let others pass ! If you don’t you are creating the problem ! There are special lanes for pulling out of the way on some roads and self righteous “go the speed I go cause it’s fast enough ” people still won’t pull over !!! Follow the velocity laws if you must but don’t force others to , because it’s as dangerous as what you think your preventing . Let the chp do their job and you just drive safe for yourself and not worry about others . Call unsafe behavior in if you must .

    • Letting folks pass is easy. Just do it.
      And for the “passers”: Please, back off. Tailgatin’ is just gonna make the guy in front of you more scared, or a$$hole-ish, and they are gonna go slower. Particularly if the are scared.

  • Thank you, CHP!

  • I was wondering what had happened when I passed the trucks pulled over just north of myers flat today. The chevy had some pretty good damage to the drivers side. Couldn’t see the passenger side of the white Toyota but now reading the story and seeing the Chevy it had to have been pretty good as well. People are idiots. I bet not once during their road rage incident they thought about the multiple lives they were endangering.

    • “I bet not once during their road rage incident they thought about the multiple lives they were endangering.”

      Exactly. And people make jokes.

  • Lmao! Made my day! Streets safe for one more hour! Now how bout the other hundred of immature boys n girls, we all have seen drive reckless with a death wish. Its not worth your life!

  • BIG SURPRISE! Idiots behind the wheel in Humboldt County. LOOK OUT FOLKS! They are everywhere! We must have ten IDIOTS for every one safe, considerate, defensive driver. (YOU MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THEM!) DON”T DRINK&DRIVE! DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT! DON”T TAILGATE! DON’T ESCALATE ROAD RAGE! Everybody just wants to get where their going, if your a couple minutes late, the world won’t end.

  • I wonder if we will ever hear “the rest of the story”. Was it simple road rage or catching a thief or a jealous boyfriend?

  • “Hey! You took your thingy and touched my girlfriend’s thingy with it! And she liked it!!” Not an excuse for much except a punch and going out to get a new girlfriend…or..”we can share the women we can share the wine”

  • A few weeks back I was driving on 101 in the same area while working and a “large grey pickup” decided everyone on the road was in his way. He cut off me and at least 2 others in a few minutes. Should have called 911. Wondering if this is same asshole

    • my fiend in the Toyota was cuming back fom his kids socker game with him in the car the big truck came up on him while passing another car at high speeds when he didn’t get out of the way fast enough is when it in Sud my friend was trying to get away and protect his kid.don’t juge this could happen to anyone of us the only thing is how we react.

      • Why didn’t he just pull aside ? Protecting our kid is easier off the road . Although that is the same place the local thief and his crew were pushing people to the side of the road trying to rob them . They were Flashing lights and getting in front and slamming on their brakes . I might have tried to get away in another manor than pulling over if that’s what I felt was going on . It’s mosltly easier to let the problem pass though .

  • I’ve been driving Hwy 36 a lot in the past two weeks. It seems like about 1/4 of the drivers I see think it’s a video game or something.

  • Pulling over could have gotten the man and kid shot. I would not pull over either for any reason if I’m being road raged by a psycho.911 calls should make a clearer picture

  • I too know the driver of the white Toyota and his family. He was with his young son, returning from a soccer game when this bizarre incident occurred. He was confused by the actions of the other driver and was trying to get away from him by either speeding up or slowing down. Each attempt he made the other driver counteracted as if it were a game. He as well as his son, were very shaken by the incident, to say the least.

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