‘They Found the Body of My Attacker,’ Says Scotia Man as Deputies Investigate a Dead Body Found Near His Home

A body has been found in the Scotia area and a 64-year-old man, John Pineal, attacked on Friday, September 18, wrote on a webpage about the incident that the individual was his assailant. This afternoon he stated, “They found the body of my attacker ~60 feet from my home. The Sheriff’s deputy is taking photographs of the body now.”

Pineal states on the webpage that after answering a knock on his door on the 18th, a man pushed his way into the home and pulled a gun on him.  He wrote, “I instinctively grabbed the revolver over the cylinder with my left hand and started to wrestle it away. But he starts to punch me with his left hand as I lean back to get my hidden weapon….he hit me with his left hand … I reached over with my free right hand and pulled off the shelf at knee height the Elk Ridge Kukri or ‘Gurka knife’ which I had just bought from Big 5 three days before.”

Using the knife, Pineal says he “chopped” at his assailant. As the struggle continued, the assailant ended up with the knife but Pineal says he got the gun. Another man, he says, came in and assisted the assailant in leaving. [Read the complete story here.]

Deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department arrived after receiving a call from Pineal and, attempted to track the assailant’s bloody trail. [See previous story here.] They were not successful.

On September 30th, Pineal wrote, “I think the Sheriff’s deputies should check out my ‘side yard’ again which is the Eel River frontage. It smells like there is a dead body over there. I don’t think that guy made it 100 feet from my house before he died.”

On the first of October, he wrote, “I don’t have to do anything now except wait. I faithfully reported the smell and the deputies that came out last night and just looked for about ten minutes. They could smell the odor but said that it was not strong enough to be a person, maybe a dog which I think is Humboldteze for ‘call us back when the odor gets too strong for us to ignore.'”

[For photos and Pineal’s full account, click here.]

Below is a poster that Pineal sent us earlier. He now writes that the reward is $5000.

Scotia Poster


  • Laytonville Rock


  • This is why you don’t mess with Humboldt people!! We go down swinging…

    • Or telling lies…..


      Wonder how Scott Peterson is doing?

      • What does Scott Peterson have to do with it? He murdered his pregnant wife on Xmas even not a home invader… I guess i don’t get ur joke

        • This guy sure recalls details of a major event. Most times shock is a blur….

          • I’ve had two life-threatening events. I assure you I can recall every second and describe the Perps right down to the color of their nose hairs. Whimps might loose their memories, but not the resolute. af

  • Come on Sheriff’s deputies… You couldn’t follow the blood trail of a mortally stabbed person 60′?

    • Or follow the smell of decaying body…

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      There is a long history of the HCSO officers being unable to find their butts with a GPS and anatomical chart. We’ll see how this pans out. Can’t follow a blood trail or find a rotting corpse? Standard operating procedure.

  • John Pineal sounds like quite a character. Minding his own business and attacked in his own home. His account of the attack on his website is disturbing. Glad he was able go defend himself and hope his wounds aren’t too troubling.

    • He’s got some big brass ones, that’s for sure. Good for him.
      I think the best part of his story was that he knew when to stop instead of getting all gung ho and shooting the guy in the back when he was running away. Some might disagree, but to me that sounds like what an honorable guy would do.

      • Jim, we have had our rounds on loco… What an honorable person would do is, like a dr Demeto song says shoot to kill…http://youtu.be/7ZS2-4-iUJ4

      • You know, for such a publicly out spoken extreme liberal, you sound like a conservative redneck.
        Just a outsiders opinion.

        • Yeah and maybe I’m more conservative on some issues than y’all think,
          I don’t ever recall saying anything about not being able to defend yourself
          from someone attacking you in your home, or for that matter anywhere else.
          Maybe it’s not that I’m an “Extreme Liberal” at all, it might be that the Righties have moved so far out to the right that they can’t see the middle from where they’re standing and when they’re talking about “Smaller Gov’t” they’re only talking about smaller Gov’t for them, not for the rest of us, the ones who’s Rights they don’t have a problem with taking away from us at all. I find it kind of ironic that the same folks that whine about how they don’t trust the Gov’t and complain about the Gov’t taking away their rights don’t have any problem with the Cops walking all over other peoples private property rights and their right to be secure in their homes/property and believe every word the Cops say without questioning them at all.
          FWIW, I am pretty much of a redneck, I’ve lived in the Country most of my life and I’m basically a working class kind of guy who made my living doing construction work,
          maybe I prefer Rock and Roll to Country Music, that doesn’t mean I don’t like a lil bit of Willie Nelson sometimes too.

  • Wow, congradulations, you are a real man, an i mean that. Good job defending yourself/your home. Hope this will make thugs think twice about home invasions. Hope you heal quickly.

    • Thank you for wishing me a fast healing. My emotions have healed. My side is still bothering me. Possibly a cracked rib. And the concussions are still messing up my meditation but other than that I am fine.

  • You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

  • Twelve days between the attempted robbery and discovery of the body. Did anyone report him missing? I’m wondering what did the friend say when friends asked him where his good buddy was.

  • That knife was probably the best $10. he’s spent in a while. Think I’ll move mine closer to the door.

    • Those are some pretty awesome knives, after reading his story I’m thinking about getting one myself and keeping it next to my front door too. I’m pretty sure they cost more than $10 tho, but I might be wrong and it would be a pleasant surprise if I find out you’re right. I had a bigazz Bowie Knife but I cant find it anywhere, I’ve been looking for it for a month now. I probably lost it last time I went camping and one like that would be an excellent replacement.

    • Good idea but far better than any knife and most guns is wasp spray.

  • Beware of any “knocks” on the door when you aren’t expecting anyone day or night. Try to not open the door, use a window to find out what it is. The best defense is always a well thought out offence.

  • I learned not to f with Buddhists when Ivsaw Hangover 2…..Good on you, sir. You live your truth…

  • I maybe wrong in wondering why the HCSO doesn’t have at least one K9 unit, and if they do have one, why wasn’t it deployed in this incident.

  • EXTREMELY WEAK response for the HCSO

    Really guys????

    Were on our own people

  • What if he just killed someone and made all that up? The weird shit he writes and the reward just sounds fishy

    • Scott Peterson humdum stylee… Vegas would bet on more coming to light.

    • My thoughts exactly, especially because he just bought the knife…itching to use it?

    • It sounds more then fishy. Something is wrong with this picture!!!!!!! This guy isn’t right in the head or something!!!!! This is pretty much one of the strangest things I’ve ever read………..WOW!!!!

    • I did not really kill Justin and I have made nothing up. In a moral sense the death actually falls on the shoulder of his riding partner. They were bikers from Sacramento. His partner did not allow him to cry out or help him to the hospital. He probably just watched Justin bleed to death. Also the sheriff did not go more than 50 feet and then stopped 20 feet short of stepping on them.

      • I believe you once stated “I am not crazy, I am eccentric because I have lots of money”. I hate to break the news to you buddy but you are definitely CRAZY! Money or no money you are crazy if you think anyone with half a brain thinks you are telling any truths!

  • Seems like the second guy ditched his friend. I guess when they release the name of the deceased, we might get some insight as to who the second guy is.

    • Yes, and he probably had a car nearby, made a loud and messy exit that the Sheriff interpreted as them being long gone…….I mean, who would hang around knowing law enforcement was coming in force? The Sheriff might have had a dog come do a quick check…….maybe next time they will….

  • honestly, I went to this guys page about the attack, and John Pineal seems pretty strange. I mean just how everything about the attack is worded and just IDK seems weird that something like this would happen to someone then they would go and start a whole web page about it. Am I the only one that feels this way?

  • I’ve heard rumors but I wouldn’t say the dots were all connected.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      A few marbles may have been lost as well.

    • I like how on the original article one of the commenters mentioned that John should get a gun, as it turns out he did. Maybe it’s just my morbid sense of humor but that struck me as kinda funny even tho I doubt the Cops let him keep it.

      • As far as that gun here is what I wrote the sheriff:

        When it is no longer needed as evidence can I get that old gun picked up by a gunsmith of your choice and be made inoperable?

        I would really to have that around as a reminder to never drop my guard and never give up. I would use it in chod ceremonies as a ritual object.


    • Evidence that the dots are connected is well beyond circumstantial in my view. This guy concedes on his own website that “John Pineal” is a pseudonym and that his real name is Ted Alsup. If you Google either of those names, there are a host of references linking him to various businesses with “Poppy” in the name, such as Poppy Heaven and Poppy Queen. They may purport to be restaurants or other types of businesses but poke around and you’ll find he was/is clearly in the business of importing poppy pods or opium pods. Go back to the link I posted above and it’s not hard to see why the DEA and HCSO-DTF might have been interested in him. What’s less clear is why we never heard anything else about the outcome of a federal search warrant that involved up to six DEA and HCSO vehicles raiding his home and place of business.

      We do go down the road of conjecture when we begin to wonder just why a pair of random thugs would barge into his house with a gun threatening to shoot him in the middle of the day, but at what point do we simply become a bit skeptical about the rather outlandish tale he tells on his website? Do we continue to take it all at face value just because he spoke first and no one immediately rebutted? After viewing the video of him hawking his brainwave machine, anybody with a lick of common sense would question his credibility if not conclude he’s a complete charlatan.

      At the very least there are some tentative, dashed lines we can draw between all these dots. Not many things in this world occur in a complete vacuum. In most instances we can find legitimate relationships between events if we survey the landscape and consider all the facts at hand.

    • There are quite a few dots that I have told the investigators which they have connected. I just can’t show you the picture those dots draw quite yet. All in good time.

  • CREEPY does not even begin to describe!!! This is going to be a long story to unravel!

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  • I realized right after the attack happened that the two men who attacked me were bikers. I also realized that I suddenly had to get all the bikers on my side before a lynch mob of hundreds of Harley riders converged on Humboldt county seeking payback for their fallen comrade…

    …and I had to do it with massive concussions that erased my brain every ten or twenty seconds. Even now I cant remember anything for more than about 30 seconds. If I don’t write down an idea then it is gone in less than a minute. It is like an erase pulse goes every ten seconds or so goes through my brain. It must be an epileptiform spike. It’s not a great way to live. Anyone have or know where I can find one of Margrett Ayers eeg training machines from the 1980’s or an improved version? I need train out this spike asap. I will go anywhere in the world to get back to my work which is quantum physics aka-stopalice.com

    Anyway please realize that the overly asertive website that I put up was geared just for bikers.

    Realize that it is over.

    Now that I have your attention from here on I would like to only answer questions about the path to enlightenment. I am particularly interested in different techniques. I can teach tumo to certain people.

    By the way I am donating $5000 to the Scotia Volunteer Fire Department who found the body of one of the two men who came primed to completely destroy me.

    • not to speak ill of the dead but Justin nevis is (was) a piece of shit I new him for a few years he was with my neice he stole so much from us I cant even tell you he was no biker he was a punk he had no mob that will come after you he had no friends and his family didn’t even let him come around the world is a better place without him thank you for getting rid of this scum if anyone gives you any shit give me a call iam a real biker that will back you up on this

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  • This is the guy (Michael) that was my nephew Justin’s drug dealer!!!! He is the one that got Justin to try drugs for the first time, Justin then became a confused young man, he had a very hard life already and after the drugs started he had no chance. Michael asked him every time he saw him for years if he wanted some drugs, Justin said no for years until he hit a hard spot in his life and Michael took advantage of that!! So I’m glad he stole your shit, if that is the case, even though there is no proof that he did, your the reason he is dead, not such a fair trade when you consider the truth!! So suck it up punk, maybe you shouldn’t run around trying to make friends with people by getting them to do drugs with you!! Ask yourself who is the real piece of shit!! How many lives have you ruined Michael??
    P.s this guy Michael is no biker either, but lots of tweakers like to claim that their bikers, because they own a bike haha he doesnt have any friends, just people that come for drugs, nor does his family like him or want him around because he does nothing but cause problems and tries to get people to do drugs, basically he feeds off society, stealing and thinking the world owes him something, never had a job, nothing but a crack head, he is the scum of the earth and poisons everyone around him with his hate, anger and dumb ass side affects from drugs and drug addiction!!
    Im sure you people can get a great idea of who Michael is based off what he says about the dead, someone’s life that he ruined and took at such a young age and has no shame!! Wonder what people will say about you when you die Michael??!!

  • Scptoa mamn we need to talk important

  • I’d like to see more updates

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