Medevack Flight Coming to Southern Humboldt for 18-Year-Old Burn Victim


The patient is being loaded into the ambulance by the KMUD studios. [Photo provided by Terri Klemetson.]

According to scanner traffic, emergency crews have responded to Redway. An 18-year-old male with 3rd degree burns will be transported to the hospital in Garberville to be stabilized. Meanwhile, a helicopter has been sent for. The patient will eventually be transported to an out of the area hospital.




  • Please tell me this kid wasn’t extracting BHO when he acquired those 3rd degree burns…? I mean, attempting to jump a big wheel thru a “ring of flames” could possibly end with 3rd degree burns,not likely, but it could happen- I’d rather this story be more to that extreme than another honey oil disaster- that stuff gets enough bad press from too many morons trying to learn the ol’ denial and error way… Word to the wise, leave the science to Bill Nye and don’t forget to wear a helmet when racing around dredway on ur big wheel…and always, above all else, do a few dry runs before lighting the damn “ring of fire”

    • I thought exactly the same thing. ‘hope it wasn’t from a oil lab’ must just be the area we live in since that’s the first thing that comes to peoples minds after reading an article about a young person suffering from 3rd degree burns.

  • What happened? How was he burned?

  • Doesn’t sound to good.hope their gonna be ok.Ouch

  • I hope his burns aren’t to extensive % wise. Likely a long and painful recovery. Be kind to your nurses, they will run your life for awhile. Be strong.

  • Any updates to this story, Kym? I know you’re busy, but I’d like to know more about the outcome. Thanks.

    • If this is a non criminal medical emergency, then the public doesn’t have the right to know. It becomes a private issue. Unless a family members chooses to share information, we don’t ever get to know the outcome.

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