[Update 10:39 a.m.] Two Flown to Out of the Area Hospitals; No One Arrested Yet in Late Night Shooting

HCSONo suspect has been arrested in last night’s shooting on Wade Road off of Alderpoint Road, said Sgt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. “There is a possible person of interest.” [See earlier story here.]

Two people, he confirmed, were airlifted to out of the area hospitals. [edit] The woman is being treated for a gunshot wound to the head and the man has two wounds–one to the neck and one to the shoulder. Both are expected to live.

Deputies have searched the property and there are no other victims even though initially there were reported to be three victims. Detectives are on site investigating the shooting. At this point it appears that shots were fired from outside into a trailer.

“The trailer is located at the scene of a grow site,” Swithenbank said.


Update 10:39 a.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at approximately 11:10 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a shooting victim stating he and another female victim had been shot on Wade Rd. in the Alderpoint area. Deputies arrived on scene along with medical personnel and the victims were airlifted to out of the area hospitals for major injuries. Deputies searched the crime scene and did not locate any other victims.

The suspect is still at large. Detectives are on scene to further investigate this incident.

This case has been assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Trailer park boys humdum stylee….any word on how pitbulls were kia/wia?
    Had to be a Toyota truck in the mix somewhere, somehow.

    • You forgot the flat billed hip hop hats and the collection of Hank III cd’s.

    • how do you know they have pitbulls maybe sheriff should contact you. You seem to know things.

      • he just quoting a spoofball internet show bout hillbillys in a trailer with pit bulls growing herb. called trailer park boys

    • If there were pit-bulls they would have alerted and protected the occupants. They put their life on the line every day. They love life and many are big goof-balls. Unless mistreated and abused, of course. And before you say they were, it is your obligation to report any abuse to the authorities.

  • Is it in anyway related to the woman that was shot and killed a couple nights ago on island mountain? Didn’t see any news about that.

  • There is that harmless weed again…”Weed doesn’t hurt anyone!!!” What a joke…

    • Apply that logic to bank robbers, Damn money, hurts people. or alcohol, damn liquor is killing people, NO Drunks are killing people, not liquor. Good Grief

  • Thank you emergency response and anyone else who helped save my friends lives.

  • What’s Hank III got to do with it? He’s not dumb enough to rob neighbors or let wana be gangsters in his area yo! You flat billed kooks with Pit bulls and Dodge, Chevy, and Ford 4×4’s with metal militia stickers, look a like dorks. throw in your Toyotas with 1000 dollar black rims. that’s about half of you Humboldt NOR-CAL dorks who look like a wana be redneck. Your not hardcore your a bunch of look alike nerds.

    • you seem to know what’s going on ganna have the sheriff contact you maybe you can give him info about the bastart that shot my sister.

  • Thank Heavens the weapon wasn’t a machete!
    Prayers for their recovery.

  • This will happen again and again and again. Play with the bull and get the horns. This is the risk you take when you get involved with illegal drug production and distribution. This is simple common sense. No sympathy for those that choose to risk it all on a shortcut to success at the detriment of society. Get a real job and become a responsible and contributing member of society and you won’t have to worry about this kind of thing happening while you sleep at night.

    • And again n again n again until legalization happens! No one asked for your sympathy here. The female victim has a legitimate job in town & contributes to her community daily, whether its helping the poor, seniors or even just picking up trash. she probably has contributed more time than your whole life put together. Maybe have some sympathy for her family who is on the East coast and have to read your negativity while they worry for their loved ones.

      • I agree but you have to let these immature scum bags talk. They cant intelligibly comprehend that the war on drugs is a for profit system. They have no clue what is really going on, they can only understand things written in crayon on construction paper or fed to them by the talking heads on fox news.

      • Thank you for this comment! I figured he/she does not know my sister people have an opinion to things they know nothing about! Thank goodness I don’t expect sympathy or empathy only from those who are willing to give it!\

        • Your sister is one of the most gentle souls I know! She is always cheerful when I see her and I am always glad to share a few moments in her presence from time to time. This is tragic and I’ll be praying for her recovery as well as your families and others whom she is close to.

      • I apologize to the victims, family, and friends for my generalizing. I don’t know anything about the victims or their situation. I meant for my comment to be directed at the general group of folks in the area that choose to involve themselves in narcotics manufacturing and distribution.

        • This can and does happen all over the country for a lot of different reasons not just weed .Open your eyes to the new reality . Crime is a non discriminatory employer .

        • Well your comment was directed at the victim and says more about you then it does about the industry. I’m also not into big growers but I don’t ever blame a victim for being attacked especially when I’ve only read a sliver of the story. How about you rant about growers on Craig’s list instead of attacking victims on a forum where there family and the victims will see it. Have a heart dude!

      • Your right on the mark! Good people in SoHum need all the support they can get!!!

    • Violent crime is violent crime regardless of the victim. Accepting that events like this are justified as “simple common sense” bound to repeat itself, doesn’t make anyone safe.

      • Again, yes, violence will repeat itself regardless of the victim, but this violence can be eliminated with LEGALIZATION! It can & will, weed out the shady side of this industry!

        • Didn’t happen in Colorado nor Washington. The violence is different, but it IS violence. Same thing happened with the ban on alcohol. After the ban was lifted the violence only changed. Violence begets violence. It is the nature of the beast. Both drugs alter the minds of the users. Neither drug when used abusively produce a safe, loving logical individual. Altered minds lead to altered behaviors. Rarely are they good behaviors.

    • How ignorant and cold-hearted are you? I know the victims of this senseless crime and they are the most amazing, spiritual, selfless, kind & loving human beings you could ever meet. To say that it’s “expected” or that you have “no sympathy”… First of all… you don’t know why people do what they do… who’s to say your way of life is right or wrong. Don’t pass judgement if you don’t want to be judged. If I were to judge you, I would say you are pretty damn ignorant, simple-minded, heartless human and pretty much an idiot. Is that accurate of you? Prob not… so don’t say shit that makes you out to be that way. At least don’t be such an insensitive person. Isn’t there enough of that in the world today? What have you done for your community? I don’t really care to know anything about you… but make sure you ask yourself that before throwing it out there. You have a lot to learn “not surprised”. I’m not surprised that you are not surprised. How can an emotionless human being feel surprised when they don’t feel anything at all? You know what… I’m the stupid one here… for wasting my time replying to your ignorance. I’m done!

  • Is there a shooter on the loose?? What the hell is going on?

  • The two that got shot are friends of mine, and their families are trying to get as much info as possible, but there has been no news updates other than this. If anyone around the area hears anything else, please reply to my message. We are very worried about their health. Thank you.

  • It was mentioned that the women was flown to Redding and the man flown to Santa Rosa Memorial. Their family members should be able to get information from the hospitals about their conditions.

  • hello why are you posting the names of hospitals? there is a shooter on the loose hopefully he is not reading this article because he will go finish the job

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  • Just gotta point out: Not the Alderpoint Area at all. On the other side of the mountain, 4-5 miles up from Garberville.

  • Jennifer McKenzie

    1. Protesting the amount of crime that seems way above normal statistically per capita isn’t heartless. Perhaps more info before judgement would be advisable, but those who are tired of shootings and robberies perpetuated by the pot culture tend to become frustrated.
    2. Legalization will only stop this if pot is regulated like alcohol or cigarettes and the preponderance of growers don’t want that.
    3. Maybe St. Joseph should put in a trauma center that can deal with all these victims so they don’t have to fly out to Redding or SF.
    4. Shooting victims are sometimes totally innocent bystanders caught in the grinder of crime.

    Yeah, I’m against pot. I see kids who are choosing the pot lifestyle over education, sports and work. I see what it does to families. But my heart goes out to the families of the victims who don’t care about pot politics. They care about their relative.
    I just want the crime to stop.

    • If your heart goes out to the victims families then you wouldn’t be bashing the victims on here. I live in so hum and don’t grow an oz of weed so you look ignorant saying everything must be about weed around here. If you want to rant go to Craig’s list. This isn’t the right forum, show some class and decency or are you too high on that pedestal to see your not perfect?

  • I’d like to make an appeal to Kym Kemp to shut down the comment section on news events like this where people have been shot. There’s too many people who troll the comment section who have no tact or grip with reality and think nothing of spewing callous and hurtful remarks. There’s a growing segment of our society raised on violent video games and violent entertainment that have been desensitized to murder and violence and don’t think about what comes out of their mouths. Flippant comments from people who don’t know the facts don’t do any good for anybody.

    • I call them Internet cowboys… they like to talk a lot of shit, and not give the Real name…. And I’m sure, someone would kick the shit out of them !! I just hope that all parties are going to be okay, and the person who done this is caught…

    • I agree, I try not to read the comments on stories like this because I get so emotional trying to defend the victims.

  • The victims of this crime are amazing and wonderful people. I wish them strength and speed in their recovery. I am shocked at this news and more shocked at the callous response posited by this oh so proud internet crowd. I truly hope that something this terrible never happens to you or your ilk…but if it does, I hope humanity has evolved to usurp comments such as yours. Blessings to the victims and their families.

  • Mr X, negative youth?

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  • Melissa is a very wonderful person with great energy. Who was the male victim? Was it Daniel? They are NOT druggies!!!!! My heart goes out to them. Who was the low life Son of Bitch who did this! [edit]

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa & Adam. I apologize to the family for the lack of love that has been shown for these two great humans. They both have worked in our community. Helped feed the poor in our community. It’s heart breaking to hear such judgement in a time of need.
    I love Melissa and Adam~ Get well soon you both are in my prayers.

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