Shooting at Junior College in Roseburg; At Least 10 Reported Dead

Reportedly 10 people have died (though there may be more) and twenty were wounded in a shooting spree at the Umpqua Junior College in Roseburg, Oregon that occurred this morning. Media are reporting that the shooter is “down” and in police custody.

Below are the latest tweets coming in on this rapidly breaking news story.

Another Twitter search yields these tweets:



  • Once again someone using guns to solve their problems!!!!My heart goes out to all the so sorry for all your Losses.God Bless all of you.please everyone be kind to one another,life is short enough

  • My prayers go out to all who were affected by this horrendous act of violence. I hope the criminal hangs & I hope the Oregon schools start obeying the right to conceal carry laws and take down their “criminals welcome, we are unarmed” signs. This is heart wrenching & preventable.
    School signs read: “all weapons are prohibited. It goes on to warn “This includes weapons carried under a concealed weapons (sic)permit.” It warns potential transgressors that they are “subject to arrest.”

    • More guns are not the answer, the answer is to change this country into one where violence is not an acceptable way to respond to things. Violence begets more violence “eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”.

      • Ever try to rob a cop in a cop bar?
        Try it sometime, then get back to me with your response. Until then, opinions are just that, just opinions, let’s keep it that way. Guns are not violent, people are.

        • Ever try and rob a Mexican in East LA? Get back to me on that. Ever try and rob a Laotian in Oakland? Get back to me on that. Ever try and rob a black in South Sacramento? Get back to me on that. Ever try and rob a person with two hand guns and a rifle on a community college? Get back to me on that. So what are you posting. Only cops should have guns?

  • The killer first asked if the person was a Christian, if they answered yes, he shot them in the head, if they said no , or did not answer, he shot them in the legs. 10 died , so we know there are at least 10 Christians that will stand up to evil. I am sure the shooter was an atheist this is according to Oregon News

  • So sad and even worse that school shootings in the inner city never get the same news coverage. After living near a very poor mainly black population it became very clear that black kids shooting at schools were rarely reported on.
    To fix a problem of this magnitude all school shootings outta be examined. And really guns are the easy thing to blame when the problem is a societal one that will take a huge effort to overcome.
    Just mix violent realistic video games, & movies/music that romanticize gun violence with a society that tells us we are never good enough (thus feeling worthless leading to feeling one has nothing left to lose), & we end up with these situations.
    Our military literally use x-box controls for soldiers carrying out drone strikes. Killing people looks like a video game.
    The young man who killed a bunch of folks in santa Barbara (?) a year or so back left a video of what he was feeling that led to his horrible choice to kill. His dad is a very wealthy Hollywood guy but he couldn’t find friends. Looking at his video basically lays out what needs to change in our society.

  • This is impossible. The school was a ‘no gun zone.’

  • I believe our media driven society is making some of us go insane. Unrealistic representations of “REALITY” and glorification of violence pushes some isolated individuals over the edge. Our electronic communication generation is able to function, seldom ever coming into contact with other people. (Smile, look people in the eyes, the life you save may be your own.)

  • Found this @another site………..sick!

    example of threads…….

    Anonymous Wed 30 Sep 2015 16:47:35 No.22785799 Report
    >>22785073 (OP)
    F*ck you you are gonna make us white people look bad dont do this sh*tf*cker

    Anonymous Wed 30 Sep 2015 16:49:27 No.22785850 Report
    If you are suicidal and hate people then do it. If not then stay away from what will ruin your life.

    Anonymous Wed 30 Sep 2015 17:00:17 No.22786115 Report
    >>22785073 (OP)
    You’re only shooting college age students, correct? I have grandparents that live up there

    Was Oregon shooter being encouraged by others in this chat room?

    /r9k/ ROBOT9001 is the shooter.

    What Really Happened | Archive.MOE
    Oct 1, 2015

    We have a problem folks!

    Notice these anonymous posts from shooter and others@ above link.

    reading thru the posts will take you to an u tube link of the shooter.

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