More Marijuana Gardens Being Raided Today in Mendocino

Image from a 2011 Cal EMA website. Public Domain.

Image from a 2011 Cal EMA website. Public Domain.

Law enforcement is busy between Spy Rock Road and Bell Springs Road in the Twin Rocks Creek area of Mendocino. We have reports of fourteen vehicles including a chipper and a helicopter fuel truck that went “through [a] gate at mile post marker 80.50 [on] Hwy 101” This is about a quarter mile south of Bell Springs Road. Witnesses report seeing a helicopter dropping officers off and bringing out marijuana



  • I’m becoming desperate for this stuff to end. Strikes me this minute that they’re going at this so hotly and heavily this year, not just to be making hay while the sun shines, but so we’ll all feel this desperate, so we’ll all agree to anything they want — corporate grows, insane licensing fees, insane regulations — just to make these commando raids stop.

    • I agree, Nines. I agree so much, I’m ready to vote no. Things will never be at peace, and the prices will not be affordable to patients with all the regulations, taxes & fees. Landowners will be forced off their land. Ha, that reminds me, only 10% of calif is developed by agriculture, residents & commercial. All the rest is 90% undeveloped, most of which is now “protected”. If this is true, those politicians sure have some explaining to do. Especially those non-elected “Regional Boards”.
      Speaking of politicians, I’m thinking Rand has a good plan. Roll back regulations & decriminalize it.

  • Law Enforcement? I was here in the busts of 85-86. The DEA and Mendocino County Sheriffs are in league with lawyers, judges, and the prison system. And so is Humboldt. The object, besides their retirement, is to pad their salaries and pensions with our bodies and, more to the point, our land. The realtors are a BIG part of this. Resist tyranny; Grow, baby, grow! Just like the old days, they can’t catch us all.
    Hate the State? Make a Last Will and Testament. Don’t let the Great State of California use your land to help these low-lifes carry on….af

    • Agreed. These new folks all seem to think this is hot and heavy, but those of us that can remember the 80’s and 90’s know better. The recons would start sometimes as early as May depending on the budget and the raids would begin usually end of July and if not for sure by Aug 1 and last sometimes until the 3rd week of Oct. So truly even though this year has been a bit more its nothing like what we have had in the past. Listen you little Buckaroos welcome to the game. Its not all pie and ice cream.

      • I’m far out of the loop now, up in Smith River, but I lived in Mendo World for decades. Raids were almost exclusively at harvest time. We moved the harvest back a month. They moved their raids back a month. And, yes, it was bad right around the same time as Redwood Summer, but it wasn’t weekly over the whole summer and up through harvest.

        I suppose now that people are growing in ways that produce more harvests, and it’s so easy to see most growers from Google Maps, they can spread it out and just make it SEEM more oppressive.

        And I don’t for a moment propose anyone but the ecocidal freaks stop growing. Oh hell no. But I think so many people are so sick of this that they will vote for anything that makes it stop, EVEN if it puts the little guys out of business. THAT will be their aim. If they can’t keep the illegal forfeiture thing, next will be their next best path to most reward. Brace yourselves.

        And I should add, the growers already prepared to pay big will be the ones already working on the legislation language. I don’t know how many champions of the little guy are doing more than grousing.

        • I don’t know what part of Mendo you lived in for decades but here in SoHum starting in 81 and going until about 2000 or 2001 we had a sustained CAMP program which raided 5 days a week for about an 8 to 10 week time period. Who remembers Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 and some days Eagle 3!!!! Downey, Booger, Wayne, Steve and the rest of the MET Team boys leading the way for the CAMP hacks! Ed Denson and Ron Sinoway pushing the consent decree to allow for us all to have a little peace around our “defined curtilage”. KMUD with up to the minute reports from Bonnie Blackberry over at COG and then CLMP. Camo pants and scanners. U.S. Out Of Humboldt. Rod Deal.

          Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!!

          • “Heli copterrrs, are bzzing just like bees ina hive!”

            Hell ya old school! Well put.

          • Way back in the sticks and no tv or radio… just mountains of books and the scuttlebutt when I got to town for groceries. For all that time I only drove up to Humboldt to hug trees and camp at the mouth of the Mattole, do anything pretty I could manage… and the time I went walking with my ex for a PG&E clearance bid.

            We had to be careful to talk to all the landowners and make a lot of noise so as not to take any growers or wild pigs by surprise. Covered just about the whole of SoHum with no trouble or bad vibes from anyone, just an eerie feeling somewhere way out Alderpoint Road once.

            Still, in coastal Mendo, it got bad for a while in the late 80s and then mellowed again down to mostly just the annual harvest time extravaganza.

            My point is: it seems worse nowadays than it had been for a long time and most people are SO sick of it they will put their mark on anything that promises to stop it. EVEN people who don’t touch the stuff and wish there were no such thing are angered and frightened by this police state theater and the forfeiture thing. They’ll leap to make it stop when they get a chance, and the chance they will be given will make it ROUGH on the little guys… and the patients… unless some brilliant bodhisattva goes to Sacramento… and STAYS there.

          • those were the good old days, remember it well. long live Rod and the Ideals

    • I absolutely agree. Keep on growing!

    • Tell me about it my friend is being sued over his 70 acres by a retired Mendocino county judge. He had this same judge rule on a criminal case while suing him suing him in civil court the judges brother said his brother has acquired significant amounts of land and houses thru civil foreclosures suits sometimes as in my friends case on defendants who had cases in front of him. My friend a 46 year Mendocino resident and family is being forced from his home and can’t leave his driveway without being arrested. The weed game and the property games are connected corruption is a ghost that has haunted and continues to haunt mendocino law enforcement. I have court documents to back up this claim it’s easy to see criminal case ruling while the civil case is ongoing willing to provide upon request.

      • Judicial misconduct should be reported to an official with the state, documenting the reporting is essential and then if nothing is done your friend has a case of his own against anyone who protects this corrupt judge.

        • We have tried and are still trying the case is set for trial next spring it’s very very suspicious that since this judge has begun this suit my friend has been repeatedly arrested and his property raided. His neighbor is raided much less frequently and has yet to be charged once with a single crime while my 66 year old disabled friend has had 8 different criminal cases charged against him in 10 years. I have spoken with retired mcsd deputies in this town that openly told me they kept expensive items that they found on raids with the mcso we have forwarded these claims to Kamala Harris’s office repeatedly to no avail. If you look at the amount of appraised value of property this retired judge has acquired it is in the millions of dollars. It stinks to high heaven but money is power and influence and propaganda convince the sheep all is well until it’s their head on the chopping block.

  • We gotta step up and protect our rights. Helicopter fly overs are an invasion of privacy, not probable cause, and invades our rights against unreasonable search. We need to email the governor and tell him to stop the MMRS act, and those three bills that comprise it. if that doesn’t work, let’s go to sacramento. The time is now, let’s catch it early and fight hard …who’s with me?!

    Oh, and never stop growing!!!

  • I hope it’s not more “mom’s and pops”place.that really sucks.

  • There was a time when nobody grew. What was life like then? Won’t ever happen, but I was wondering. I doubt anyone will be able to beat the authorities. They have the money and the means. So who will be the sacrificial lamb? True the authorities cannot completely eradicate growing. But if you are the one they raid you have no recourse. If you lose in court and are convicted of a felony you have that hanging over you head. Get busted again and with a weapon you WILL go to prison. Your life will begin a downward spiral after you are released. Especially if your parole allows unprotected Search and Seizure. Law enforcement wins every time. The taxpayer and you lose every time. That’s life in America!!

  • Again I wonder if
    HCSO using smaller consumer drones to do quick look sees instead of conventional Helis.. at above 400ft almost indistinguishable against sky unless you are looking in that direction and noise imperceptible.

    that plus google earth/bing recent sat shots could be helping them out to save money and produce max plants seized vs $$$$ spent..


  • The black market is too big to fail.

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