[UPDATE 2:44 p.m.] Law Enforcement in Shelter Cove

bud 6 (1 of 1)Readers report that a convoy of black and white sheriff’s trucks staged up near Kings Peak earlier today and then headed into the Shelter Cove area.

We’ve requested more information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and will update when we know what deputies are doing in the area.

UPDATE 2:44 p.m.: A reader tells us, “The convoy in the cove has been parked at the end of Burns Ct for a few hours now.”



  • King Peak or King Peak Road?
    PS: not Kings Peak.

  • Locals when I grew up called it Kings Peak or King’s Peak. Sorry, I can’t seem to adapt to the newfangled way of calling things.

    • I thought it was King’s Peak. Just as I know it to be Will-der Ridge Road.

    • Its King’s or Kings Peak or just plain old Kings. I don’t care what the new folks call it.

      • “I don’t care what the new folks call it.”
        Old school, you make my heart sing.

        I’ve always said that, “Language has never been about correctness, it has always been about communicating”. If somebody knows what you said, you said it well. Why is it that the people that lived here before the 70’s had to adapt to the newcomer language?

        I love the old school way that we talked, I miss it. It’s like Texans apologising for saying Y’all. Get over it. Its says a lot about who you are, and it goes with a charming country accent. GO WITH IT! Just don’t correct ME.

        Well…. That didn’t take long to get off the subject, That’s the problem with correcting people.

    • It has always been labeled on the maps as King Peak and plenty of locals said it that way even back in the ’70s. It’s okay for you say it incorrectly…I forgive you. But you probably shouldn’t state that only “new people” don’t call it ‘King’s’ Peak…that’s just silly. What’s really silly is that I care enough to even leave a comment about this!

  • Kym, have you considered the position of News Director for KMUD? Just saying…

    • I was asked to apply by several people but there is no way I could keep up this blog, teach (I teach part-time) and do it. I think both KMUD and RB would suffer. I hope I can work with the new director as well as Terri and I do.

  • That’s some low hangin fruit there . How to they justify driving all the way out there and passing hundreds of 40×100 greenhouses ????

  • I have always known it to be called kings peak as well

  • Born in Garberville 1960 I hear u Ernie

  • 37 years,Kings Peak!

  • It’ll always be King’s Peak to me. Kym, I’m glad you’re staying with your blog. It’s much more up to date and detailed than KMUD, and that’s not a criticism of KMUD. You can post as things happen which is impossible for a radio station to do with a tiny news department.

  • So I guess the real story here is the spelling of a road . How about the two people with a small garden that got ripped off by the sheriff ??? They literally drove past hundreds of mega grows to get a literal “mom n’ pop “.
    Its a joke.

  • Law enforcement should give reports on ALL busts they do, not just the ones they gloat about .


    I want to remind Ernie that there were lots of native people around the Garberviile area for thousands of years , before Garberville was Gabberville before Brandscomb was called Branscum …….Before the 1970 s ,before kings peak was remotely dreamed of as a name……. Or should i say Kings Speak? Oh, and to answere your question … about learning a new language ….. same reason the local natives had to learn english….. to survive….. How else wooden an indian know how to order a fridge from you?

  • Kym Kemp, I have heard a lot of great words about your interviewing and reporting. I find it interesting that a post that seems rather popular as stating “convoy of black and white sheriff’s trucks staged up near Kings Peak” i would think the interests of the readers would be about there success in catching criminals and other crimes as well as the crimes that don’t have criminals. any way the comments are about the pronunciation of the place really interesting.

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