Bicyclist Struck by Car after Fleeing from EPD, Driver Arrested on Felony Warrant


Officers search through items found with the bicyclist.

At around 5 p.m. today, a Eureka Police Department (EPD) officer was chasing a male bicyclist on Broadway near Kmart in the Eureka area.

“The person on the bike fled from one of our officers,” EPD Sergeant Gary Whitmer said.

According to the scanner, the bicyclist started riding into oncoming traffic, which led officers to discontinue pursuit. Soon after, the bicyclist was struck by a silver Jaguar.


An officer speaks with the driver of the vehicle that struck the bicyclist.

Medical crews were requested to respond to the scene. When medical crews arrived, the bicyclist was transported to the hospital in an ambulance with minor injuries. Whitmer later said the bicyclist was being combative toward medical personnel while on the way to the hospital.

In a surprising turn of events, it was determined that the driver who struck the bicyclist was the subject of a felony warrant. He was arrested at the scene.


Officers detain the driver of the vehicle that struck the bicyclist.

Additionally, Whitmer said, “One of our officers relayed to me the driver appeared to intentionally hit the bicyclist.”

However, EPD is still trying to verify this piece of information.

Whitmer, who appeared to be surprised by the way events unfolded, said, “Man — It’s gotta get better.”



  • If the cops stopped the pursuit how did the cop see him get hit.

  • Readers want to know….if the cops already quit chasing the biker then how do they know what happen?

    • It sounded to me like law enforcement still had a visual on the bicyclist after discontinuing pursuit.

    • Umm its the epd, they are not known for being truthful. People dont win $4mil lawsuits against a police dept that tells the truth. $14mil more in lawsuits against epd heading to court soon. Your tax dollars hard at work!

  • Well Broadway is a pretty long stretch they probably called it off but still saw him.

  • The misadventures of bunjee

    Because they stopped chasing him at 70mph doesn’t mean the officer quit trailing at 25 and closed his eyes. How fast do you guys think a GMOB is going to get away on a BMX bike? Also, don’t forget to read the part where he was hit by another driver. Pretty much all car vs. bicycle chases end when the two meet.

  • I can’t be positive but the driver of the Jaguar looks an awful lot like Walter White AKA Heisenberg!

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