Rain’s Coming

Rain (in case you’ve forgotten, that’s wet stuff that drips from clouds) is predicted to begin falling late tonight through Saturday. Del Norte County and the very top of Humboldt could get as much as an inch of rain while the rest of Humboldt as well as Trinity County and Siskiyou County will see between a tenth and a half inch. Most of Mendocino, on the other hand, is predicted to get less than a tenth inch of rain.

Below see your area’s chance of rain tonight (on the left) and tomorrow (on the right.)



  • Remember, in town one is supposed to cancel any watering during measurable rainfall. An opportunity to shave gallons off the August bill. Not sure how far a quarter inch is going to go thou.

  • Will a 1/4″ of rain help much with putting out the fires? Anybody have any experience here? Seems like lassic fire isn’t slowing down much

    • It ill help a bit by keeping the humidity high, It would take many more inches of rain than this tiny amount to put them out. The big fires will burn until the winter rains thoroughly soak the ground and the duff below canopy of the trees. The rain will also make the roads dangerous for the Fire crews, some of the Fires may even leave all the Fire Crews in camp for one day after the first wave of rain to give the roads a bit of time to dry out. Better than nothing, but it will dry out again, and the fires will keep burning for a while more…

    • I heard from one of the fire reporting sources a few weeks ago that when the humidity was high or the days were cooler it helped a lot in slowing down the fires and gaining ground.

  • A temperate rain forest needs rain.

  • I don’t know how much it’s going to thwart the fires, but if all goes well tonight I might finally be able to put my contact lenses back in pretty soon.

  • We got 75 % average rainfall this year. I think that everybody acts like we are in the same boat as Southern California but we aren’t.

  • How could we of already forgotten about rain? I know our attention spans have been reduced by social media and instantaneous online news sources but have we really lost all ability to reflect?
    Maybe I haven’t forgotten because we’ve recieved our annual rainfall percentage and it has freaking rain at least once every month of this year.

  • And — not in Southern Trinity County, either!! In fact, creeks are barely running (or not at all) around here — worst drought I’ve seen in the 35 years I’ve lived in Trinity County.

  • Cleaned roof, gutters, replaced filters. We are ready to harvest tiny drops from the sky. Yes ! (no lightning please)

  • I have lived here same place all life. never thought I see this. my creek is almost dry. “Thanks” to cal trans or who ever planted the alders in creeks after 64 flood that deny they did it never had alder before. that suck up water like elephant. and if u go back go old maps and history u won’t see alders in all little streams. and it against there so called laws to fall? we need water

  • 12:58am…it’s begun here in loleta…big fat glops of drops. the dogs n i are singing and dancing in the rain.

    • I left the bedroom window wide open and inhaled the wonderful smell and let the sound reassure me that someday the wildfires would be gone and green things would grow.

  • First true blue sky in a month😀. What a beautiful morning!

  • Forecast proved accurate — we got a tenth of an inch. Hey, it’s a start and welcome.

    “The world goes up and the world goes down ….. sunshine follows the rain ….”
    –Charles Kingsley

  • We got 7/8 of an inch in Ruby Valley…awesome!

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