[Updated 8/30] Latest Trinity County Evacuations and Road information

Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office on August 30: (New information from today will appear in blue.)

TCSOThe Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has conducted evacuations in the following areas:

FORK COMPLEX: Communities of Hayfork, Post Mountain, Wildwood, Trinity Pines & Post Mountain

**All evacuations and road closures have been lifted**
MAD RIVER COMPLEX: Communities of Ruth Lake and Mad River 


Mandatory Evacuations: none at this time Voluntary Evacuations: none at this time.

Advisory Evacuations: 

1S14 Road-Residents along Forest Road 1S14 which is west of the Van Duzen Road off Forest Road 4N18
Road Closures:Forest Route 1-Closed 5 miles north of Hwy 36 at Forest Road 2N12 north to Forest Road 4N18

RIVER COMPLEX: Communities of Dailey Ranch, Hoboken, Denny, Trinity Village and Quinby

Mandatory Evacuations: Denny area
Huddleston Ranch
Voluntary Evacuations:

None at this time
Road Closures:Denny Road is now open from Hwy 299 to Quinby. Denny Road is closed at Quinby to the end of the road through Huddleston Ranch.  

ROUTE COMPLEX: Communities of Hyampom, South Fork Mountain and west of Van Duzen


Mandatory Evacuations:Not applicable for Trinity County at this time

Voluntary Evacuations:
Not applicable for Trinity County at this time

Road Closures:
Forest Service Route 1 – Closed approximately 5 miles north of Hwy 36 at Forest Service Road 2N12 to north of the fire at Forest Service Road 4N18
SOUTH COMPLEX: Communities of Hyampom, Corral Bottom and Underwood Mountain area


All evacuations and road closures have been lifted.SHELTER INFORMATION:

The Red Cross evacuation center at the Solid Rock Christian Church in Hayfork was closed Tuesday, August

18, 2015 at 8pm and transitioned to a standby status.



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