Free Fishing Day!

Press release provided by the Department of Fish and Wildlife:

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) invites all Californians to celebrate the end of summer by going fishing. Sept. 5 is the second of two Free Fishing Days in 2015, when people can try their hand at fishing without having to buy a sport fishing license. Free Fishing Days are also a great opportunity for licensed anglers to introduce non-angling friends and children to fishing and the outdoors.



  • The pic you have on the article is of a guy flossing in a muddy river. A controversial form of fishing that many prudish people are against, but a legal form of fishing that puts meat on the table for allot of people who do not own a boat. Made me laugh to see that as the pic you chose to use.

    • Er…possibly fishing is something I know next to nothing about….

    • [edit] If you would learn how to fish, you wouldn’t need to floss. I stand next to guys snagging, I mean, flossing, long lining or whatever you want to call it and catch more fish than they do. You don’t need a boat or long leaders to catch fish.

      • So how is tricking a fish to choke down a baited hook better than flossing a leader thru it’s mouth and hooking the corner?

        • For one your not giving the fish a chance to be tricked. They have no choice in the matter. I’m guessing you just fish the Mad. On the Mad the mentality is different. Many people wont put up with flossers on other rivers. On the Mad the mentality is different. Thank god flossers don’t like catch and release and stay off other rivers.

    • How do you figure? The picture is of a Chinook salmon caught in trinidad, ca. No river to be seen.

      • That’s interesting…the picture you are describing is the featured photo that shows before you click through to the article. The article itself though has the man fishing in the river.

  • I believe the catch-and-release law is still in place.

  • What a great day for people who have never gone fishing,it’s awsome my children loved it.I come from an Italian family,so all my life I’ve fished.grew up on lazio’s dock!!!EAT what ya catch or throw it back please.

  • Yay! Two days of fishing without paying the kings fees>

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