Five Sites Raided, 700 Plants Taken on Spy Rock Road Yesterday

mcsoLt. Greg Van Patten of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reported that approximately 700 marijuana plants were eradicated at five different sites in yesterday’s excursion on Spy Rock Road in northern Mendocino. The activity all occurred in the 9000 block of Registered Guest Road.

Van Patten said that there were five individuals arrested related to cultivation for sales. “There were numerous Fish and Wildlife violations discovered,” he said.


Thanks to Terri Klemetson from KMUD News for assistance in preparing this post.



  • 5 sites for 700 plants seems like there must be larger grows out there than that.

  • Sounds like a waist of time and not to mention MONEY!!did they even check it out 1st?wow unreal

  • 700 plants on Spy Rock? So, some 3500- 7000 pounds not hitting the market this year? A drop in a river of weed. America is really smoking it up these days!

  • There’s information missing Kym. Why is mcso in this one area? What law were the arrests made on? Why were these plants confiscated? These are really basic questions s that the are obliged to answer. It doesn’t speak to suspects’ guilt or not, but t the justificatin/authority the department t acted on. And what are the mcda’s odds of a conviction?

    • The arrests were for cultivation of marijuana in connection with sales. The plants were removed because MCSO believed they were related to sales. They aren’t obliged to tell us why they chose that one area.

  • So is the follow up question: why are these people suspected ofn”sales” when their neighbors are not? Where is the equal application of the law?

  • Might be close to where they found the dead guy in a patch last year or maybe that was two years ago?

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  • You must not know that Mendocino county has a strict 25 plant per parcel limit, and they do enforce it

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