12,500 Plants Eradicated in Yesterday’s Southern Humboldt Raids

HCSOYesterday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and a CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) helicopter and crew eradicated 12,500 marijuana plants in the Salmon Creek, Bear Butte, and Wood Ranch areas, said Lt. Wayne Hanson.

“They left even more than that in the ground we didn’t have time to get,” Hanson explained. They conducted open field searches. There were no arrests.

The crew sat up base on the river bar near Miranda and some members of the team flew to the marijuana gardens and some stayed at the river bar. “Usually [the CAMP crew] is about eight guys,” Hanson explained. “One guy is the fuel guy. Another guy deals with helicopter safety. One deals with nets and ropes. Then four or five hit the field” with the deputies.

The helicopter is expensive so the crews try to be organized about how they use “blade time.”

“A CAMP helicopter costs about $1000 per hour,” Hanson explained. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office plans the day and the CAMP crew helps them carry out the plans.



  • saving the rest when someone is there to arrest

  • Not hitting Bulgarians saves a lot of money as well. Too many risks. Get the pacifists.
    Oh and please,…give the guys a shovel to bury there feces for goodness sakes.

    • You’ve made the claim of the marijuana raiders crapping in the middle of the gardens before….how about some evidence. Photos, DNA, some kind of evidence. When the raid went down in Island Mt the guy claimed they pissed in his bed and threw hot sauce on the walls. Was going to provide photos…never provided any. Present some evidence so we can take this behavior to the Sheriff for explanation. We demand evidence on their part, we should provide it on our part. Everyone has a camera phone, it’s easy to take pictures.

      • Good point. They should offer to show all the go pro footage plus an explanation for every second it was not on. The raid ream that is.

      • I get the feeling the immature behavior is from CAMP volunteers that might still be going to cop school as they seem to have been there the few times I was told about it.
        Remember I probably get told about one tenth of one tenth of what goes on out there. Hence the curiosity about other incidents.

      • [Edit] the grower at this point isnt going to send pictures, due to not wanting to make thibgs worse and personal.
        If he provides proof, superiors will loik into this matter, then making things very personal between grower and opressor aka coppers.


      • What makes you think they DIDN’T?

  • Why don’t they go after Hmongs ? Bulgarians ? Cartel trespass grows ?? . They go after low hanging fruit . Usually easily accessable garden while the fat cats out in panther gap or deep rough terrain make millions.

    • Are you kidding? The “legalization” limits being pushed by Gavin Newsom at the state level (bigger than even CCVH) will ensure that these large operations are the ones that survive the change-over. Instead of complaining we should be trying to get jobs from these guys. Since small grow scenes will be buried by the wonderful “tax and regulate and enforce” future. Yes- these mega scenes will be rewarded with a future of legitimate income while any mom n pops still remaining will be erased. Funny how that works.

  • So…just curious Hanson…say someone has a house and doesn’t want to put their crop next to it, fair game for no warrent? I know what’s going on, growers were using grey areas with 215 and it pisses you off so you are doing the same.

    • And….that pisses you off? It’s all a game right? Growers lie to get a 215 and claim it’s medical, cops use claims grows are in open fields. Like playing chess…your move.

      • No, not pissed off, just think it’s funny that they are doing the same. I also think they love playing cowboy and their horse will be in the stable in a couple years. Ride em hard till it breaks…oh and the sweet sweet money. Lol.

  • Hanson is the laziest deputy the Humboldt county sheriff has ever had. He never has liked arresting people. He only likes to pump himself up with all kinds of tools. Always goes into pot gardens yelling sheriffs office over n over at top of his lungs, especially if they r trespass grows with Mexicans, n Asians, n other cartel criminals, which happen out on public or timber company properties To much work for him n his cronies to arrest the real criminal growers. They just want to get all the plants he can get to make his sorry a** look good.

  • Why don’t growers organize like they did in the eighties. In the eighties they had meetings and CLMP,civil liberties monitoring project, to see what laws were being broken by sheriff and camp. Then the growers set up COG, citizen observation group. COG had non violent training. Then COG, with arm bands to identify who they were, would go out and video tape the the sheriff and camp. This is how they got the evidence to show the violations that the sheriff and camp were performing. Then everyone donated time and money to pay for fee’s needed to take camp and sheriff to court. This is how the growers stopped the law breaking sheriff and CAMP from flying over there homes at low altitude with out a warrant. This was all done in 1982,1983 at the begining of the President Reagon’s “War on drugs”. Organize yourself to slow our new sheriff down “Wayne Hanson”. Hanson the cop who breaks the law as he enforces the law.

  • Kim you know anything about the bust on island mountain No word on who had those gigantic grow ?

    • I’m not sure what bust but if you are talking about the ones in July, as far as I know no arrests have been made.

      • That’s the one kim up buy heartwood institute I wonder why no arrests someone planted it someone owe’d the land why won’t the boys consitrate on the meth heroin problem that is the root of all evil look at devil playground what a sad thing to name such a once beautifull place makes me sad to drive threw garb these days you know what I mean kim I got black balled on lost coast must have said to many truths

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