Major Injury Accident Closed Hwy 101 This Afternoon


Photos by reader.

An accident south of Willits closed Hwy 101 around noon today. A black Jeep Liberty overturned causing major injuries to at least one occupant. All four lanes were closed and traffic began backing up for miles. It was quarter after one before traffic began moving in both lanes.

Because the investigation is still in the preliminary stages, we don’t have all the details but it appears at least one other vehicle also was involved. We don’t know whether the second vehicle was involved at the time of the accident or later in the traffic jam that resulted.




  • Oh man,I hope everyone involved is going to be fine.Please be safe all

    • I would like to thank you. This is my parents Jeep. They have been in hospitalWill you send me the pictures you got of the Jeep and the hospital please and hopefully to be released today. Both my mom and dad had serious injuries.

  • Drove by after. There were still people cleaning up. I noticed there was an animal control vehicle at the site.

  • I drove by as well after and saw them medivac someone by helicopter out of there. The helicopter landed on the southbound lanes. Best wishes for the all involved, scary stuff!

  • We also saw a truck axle just by itself on the northbound lane.

  • Both have been hospitalized. They have serious injuries but will be okay. Their dog is safe at the animal shelter. Appreciate all the prayers for them.

  • Prayers <3 from Montana

  • The couple involved are my grandparents and they are okay. Their injuries are not that bad thank God! They are in separate hospitals but have been coherent and are going to be released soon! Thank you for the support and prayers we appreciate it :0)

  • Thank you all for your prayers. My parents are doing better hopefully able to come home to Nevada today. There dog is named sugar and she is doing good as well.

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