Benbow Eradication Clears 7500 Plants, Says Sheriff’s Office


Photo provided by a reader of the staging area near Benbow.

Yesterday’s marijuana eradication efforts near Benbow destroyed 7500 plants, said Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies joined forces with a CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) helicopter to conduct open field searches for marijuana which allows law enforcement to destroy plants that are not in a curtilage–land attached to a house. No search warrants are served in an open field search. No arrests were made.

As noted in an earlier post today,

the helicopter that is with his deputies and CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) is able to work in a five mile radius of [a] staging area.

“Draw a five mile circle around [the landing zone,] that’s where they could be,” he said.

The crew are removing any plants that are budding by hauling them out. Non-flowering marijuana plants are cut and left on the ground. This allows deputies to “remove a larger amount of marijuana in a short time,”  Hanson explained. “Everyone wants the bud,” he said, so there is no reason to remove the non-flowering plants.

The deputies need to move quickly, he said, to destroy as many plants as possible. ‘It saves time…and sometimes it is precious when you only have five or six hours of blade time [helicopter availability.]”




  • One day we will look at incidents like this the same way we now look at lynchings.

    • Or maybe giving the vote to freed slaves but making only them take a written test to vote. Segregation, … you know, any kind of foot dragging and application of rules that are unequally applied.

    • Lynching? I would hardly compare a human life to that of a plant.

    • Ed..Equating busting greedy dope growers with hanging black men is a bit over the top don’t you think ?

    • I doubt it Ed. If they eradicated 7,500 plants in one day in a 5 mile staging radius they weren’t hitting mom and pop grows of a hundred or so plants. It’s out of control because too many people came here to shield their greed driven huge grows behind the old pot culture.

    • Whoa! Ed Denson?! Is that you? I have had nothing but respect for you for many years. I came up to Garberville in 1985 to take civil disobedience training to join with COG (Citizen Observation Groups) when CAMP committed egregious and criminal acts against small family growers. You were our hero and advisor in those war times… But this statement is whack! I am okay with the BIG scenes getting eradicated in a lawful manner. And people doing big scenes know the odds they are playing. they aren’t innocent victims. With deep respect…you might want to check that comparison.

  • Dear CAMP,
    Please direct your attentions to our public forests first. They need it the most.
    If you are already done with national forests, fantastic!
    Sincerely, someone mad at the destruction of public forests.

  • I don’t think that those Black Men were hung because they broke the law either. Very poor analogy !

  • Wow,that comment wasn’t necessary.Geeze

  • Ed
    That was spoken like only a true marijuana lawyer could do. Maybe you should save that hyperbole for the court room, and hope for a dumb jury. Nobody here is biting.

    To quote a black friend of mine “Maybe you’ve never seen a black man hanging from a tree”.

  • ED… Did someone hack you…? That’s the all time dumb remark… It’s the anniversary of Emmett Till’s torture and lynching and you make a crack like that…?

  • Kudos to everyone involved in taking those greedy Benbow mega-grow, green rushers down. Keep up the great work.

  • Hey, at least he did not pull a ” Hitler ” card. Making an analogy is a sure way to be called insensitive to the case being used for the analogy.
    I have seen far worse cases of someone taking a nose dive off hyperbole bridge. Ed is a kind man.

  • They have hit several small grows of 50 plants and less . They are not using warrants yet they walk on private property . They are tyrants being tyrannical . It is like a lynching . Ed did not say it was a lynching . It is a water ship down scenario . Why do you leave the black man hanging in the tree . To scare the other black men . Duh . [edit]

    • Now we have a racist comment…?

    • Okay, Safe Driver. I get it. Thanks for explaining Ed’s comment. Still not sure it’s a great analogy. I’m not happy they are hitting the small people. That might have made sense years ago…but it’s now too late to instill fear to correct behavior. Please hit the megas and remove their profit motive. And hit bad growers w/ enviro fines… but not the little guys. They are facing a rough future already!

  • I think a better comparison is McCarthy’s Communist witch hunts. I think the point got lost: what looks somewhat normal now to a decent swath of the population will be seen as a hugely misplaced priority.

    With comments like Safe Driver’s this kernel of truth is likely to get lost.

  • Could someone remove safe drivers comment? It’s so ugly I can’t believe they wrote it. We don’t need to read their racists comments on a story about pot.

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