[UPDATE 7:50 a.m.] New Fire in Zenia Area

We have received photos of a new fire start in Zenia. The fire reportedly began before 1:30 a.m. on Bluff Creek Road. According to a witness, two structures have been destroyed. Reportedly multiple acres on fire but there are crews on site.

We’re attempting to contact Cal Fire and the US Forest Service to get more information.


UPDATE 7:50 a.m.: The Zenia Fire Captain told Terri Klemetson from KMUD that the fire has a hose lay around it and is currently less than two acres. He confirmed there was at least one structure lost but no one was injured.



  • Could there be someone going around and starting some of these newer smaller fires .

  • There were 2 structures destroyed, one house and a shop/garage beside the house.

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it started from a bad dehumidifier or a heater for drying veggies. Not sure why anyone would be using a heater this time of year though.

  • It was arson. Apperently a man living down the road spotted the fire around midnight but failed to report it claiming he didn’t know who to call. We didn’t get the page out until 6:30. When I got their the house,shop,and one other out building were ashes. The fire was contained to 3 and a half acres.

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