[UPDATE 1:21 p.m.]Convoy Headed South on Benbow Drive This Morning

Four black and white sheriff vehicles plus multiple other white vehicles headed south on Benbow Drive this morning around eight. Reportedly there was a helicopter flying in the Reed Mountain area yesterday.

We’ll update you on what is happening here.

UPDATE 1:21 p.m.: Photo taken just before 10 a.m. below Hwy 101 south of Benbow.





  • Cops sure love low hanging fruit. Why don’t you try Panther gap ? Get your boots dirty for once .

  • It seems the Sheriff is not interested in supporting any medical cannabis framework here in Humboldt. He’s sending troops in for warrant less open field raids without checking for medical qualifications…certainly not bringing people together to create a better community. We need a sheriff that will work with planners to create A cannabis framework that the community can accept as a baseline to enforce. This is creating bad feelings

    • The places they are taking the weed from are in NO WAY within medical (215) qualifications. I know this because I have lived here all my life and almost nobody that grows marijuana grows it within the legal limit. The places they raid and have been raiding this year are a few hundred plants per parcel AT LEAST, And even if you got 10X 215 posted it still doesn’t matter to them cause the cops know it’s BS. Literally anybody can walk into one of the clinics around here make up some BS and pay them a few hundred and get a 215. The ‘cannabis doctors’ hand those out like candy on halloween.

      • I agree with you but a very small percentage of us 215 patients actually obey the law. When officers walked by my place, they saw my required 215 signage and just waved. If I’d had 100 plants it would have been a completely different story signage or not.

      • I’ve heard two reports of gardens with less then 99 plants and managed by elderly 215 patients that are collective members with other people- and they were raided and destroyed by these humboldt county cops!. We’re these gardens legal in California? Yes! As long as the cannabis is distributed within the collective.

  • Thanks for the report kym. You should setup a donations thing so people can give you a tip for all the hard work you do. You are on top of ALL the important stuff that is going on and the amount of effort you put into keeping your website updated with latest information (especially all the fire stuff this past month) is phenomenal. Anyway if there was a donation thing I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to donate.

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