[UPDATE 3:11 p.m.] ‘Normal Raid Season,’ Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in Sprowel Creek Today [and Benbow]

Image from a 2011 Cal EMA website. Public Domain.

Image from a 2011 Cal EMA website. Public Domain.

According to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were in Sprowel Creek on Barnum Timber property with the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) eradicating illegal trespass grows today. Hanson said that several deputies were assisted by CAMP in what he called a “normal raid season” event. Almost every year, Hanson says, deputies from his department are called to the area to remove gardens planted there without the Timber company’s permission. This year, as happens frequently, law enforcement is assisted by a CAMP helicopter.

UPDATE 3:10 p.m.: Lt. Hanson got back to us with information from eradication efforts in Sprowel Creek. He explained that the Barnum Timber gardens had been partially harvested already. However, 350 plants were removed today.

With that complete, the operation has now moved to Benbow.




  • They are busting in Benbow today as well

  • Sheriff’s office tying up a Helicopter that could be used for fighting fires so they can go cut down someones garden, good job guys. /sarc

  • Does anyone care?

    Hey Jim you should offer up your backyard to one of these trespassers to help solve this problem. You’d be pissed and would want something done if these guys were growing illegally on your property.

    • Why don’t the owners of the property do their own weeding instead of calling in the Sheriff to do their weeding for them and tying up a Helicopter that could be used for fighting fires? All for 350 plants and tying up who knows how many officers plus a helicopter at about $2,000 an hr and I bet they didn’t see or arrest anyone.
      What’s more important, cutting down pot plants or putting out Forest Fires so that the damm trees don’t burn up?

      • That helicopter is not equipped to fight fires. Get an education.

        • “not equipped to fight fires”
          Yeah and it takes about an hour to rig a helicopter with a water bucket so they can do water drops. Nice to know where you and the Sheriffs priorities are and where you think the Taxpayers money should be spent, after all what’s more important, chopping down plants for someone on their private property because they’re too lazy to do it themselves or fighting fires to save trees and protect peoples property.

          • Listen if you’re so willing to offer advice perhaps you can volunteer to help fight fires. The helicopters used to fight fires are equipped differently than those used for surveillance of grows.

          • I have worked as a firefighter before, it was my first job out of High School and you don’t know what you’re talking about. If they can longline in Cops to cut down plants they can drop water too.

          • If you do a little research you will find that the helicopter used by the sheriff is probably too lightweight to pack an useful amout of water since its max external load is 1000lbs vs a jet ranger which is still pretty small has an external load capability of 4500 lbs.

          • I agree with you, even with out buckets they could be assisting on recon with all that fancy weed finding equipment and the officers on ground could be at base camps helping with logistics or even getting on the lines with shovels. If the prisoners can do it why can’t the officers of our lovely county….oh yeah egos

          • Wrong again, Jimmy.

          • Wrong again, Jimmy.

      • The sheriff’s don’t use water copter they have there own , look up .

      • Well Jim, Barnum Timber’s preferred method would be to go in and spray the place down with herbicide using undocumented workers. It’s better for the salmon this way.

        • Uti, if you’re going to speak the truth then please do not convolute it.
          They’re Illegal Immigrants.

          • All Liberals call them undocumented workers who they believe are law abiding & breaking no rules/laws although you they broke one to get here. However they make a mockery of all those who came here legally & followed the rules.

        • You actually have a point there Uti, funny how the righties never blame the employers for hiring undocumented workers, they blame the workers that come here looking for work and also whine about Growers using nasty chemicals on their property but don’t say a word when the Corporate Welfare folks do it on their property and do it 1000x as much.

  • another smaller fire here outside lower lake called ” grade fire ” and lots of crops burned up or got painted red from the planes
    smaller fire 30 or so acres


    People should just grow weed at the cop shop instead of all this nonsense.

    Just plant it in their landscaping, irrigation, pretty safe, maybe you’ll have to give them half, but it’s better than having the entire thing removed.

    Cops like to grow weed, too..

  • Foresters and loggers are afraid trespass growers will shoot them.

  • I agree that this is a big waste of money, but it is important to get trespass growers who do bad things busted. One forest service type detective person with some trail cameras, spending a few hours a week could put together information evidence and pictures to actually bust someone, which in the end is the goal isn’t it? not cutting down 350 plants, when there are hundreds of thousands of plants being grown out there.

    • Exactly, they tied up a bunch of resources in order to cut down 350 plants and didn’t arrest anyone when the logging company could have done the same thing without using Taxpayer money to do it. From what I understand they not only have their own helicopters but they have their own security personnel too, it’s just another example of Corporate Welfare where they expect the Taxpayers to do their weeding for them instead of doing their weeding themselves.

      • This from someone who barely pays taxes, bleeds the beast aka taxpayer. You are certainly entertaining and a good spin master.

        • He’s so stubborn he doesn’t know how to quit.
          It’s actually quite amazing to watch.
          Maybe amazing is not the right word.. More like unbelievable.

        • Y’all sure do have a lot to say about my private business mr “Drug Warrior,”
          do you have any other off topic personal attacks to make about me that aren’t any of your business to begin with? I’d be willing to bet they spent in excess of $50,000 cutting down 350 plants and accomplished diddly squat seeing as they didn’t even arrest one person, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if it was someone working for the Timber Company who planted them in the first place.

          • They going after someone you know Jim. You always seem to always claim personal attack when someone disagrees with your grower sympathizing. What’s up with that?

  • I thought I read it spelled Sproul the other day. I have always used the Sprowel spelling.
    Getting piped these days is like being ticketed for speeding at the Indy 500.
    A lot of why me and not the other 98 percent on the track. Having to watch ” everything is normal everywhere else” adds to the sting.
    Not referring to the trespass as the other day they said they were on BLM but spent lots of time on P.P.

  • Why all the complaining about trespass grows. Between the fires and the cops, all the growers are going to be able to raise the price for their crop. It’s called supply and demand, all the crops burnt and pulled raise the price. It’s just what the old growers did years ago when the price started to fall, turn in your neighbor to get the price back up. Now mother nature and the cops are working for the growers to control the price.

  • does anyone know where in Benbow

  • wow…Theres a lot of comments on this article.

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