[UPDATE 9:22 p.m.] Day 26: Lightning Fires

On the Pine Fire earlier this month. [Photo provided by]

On the Pine Fire earlier this month. [Photo provided in honor of the firefighters who lost their lives in California and Washington.]

Some of the fires are finally winding down but others are still gobbling forests quickly. The Lassic Fire in eastern Humboldt is particularly worth paying attention to. We’ll be adding new information here in this post as needed.

When we update each incident, we’ll note the time the facts were posted so you can quickly see if there is something new. Look for the most recent general updates on the bottom but new information for individual fires is posted in the summaries below in blue.  (Newest maps of the fires here.) Those that have expanded 20% or more will have their acreage in red bold type. 

  • Horse Fire (northeast of Shelter Cove): (Current as of 6:15 p.m.) 146 acres  and 75% contained. Total Fire Personnel: 927. “The Bureau of Land Management has reopened the Lost Coast Trail in the King Range National Conservation Area, though some trails remain closed. Today crews continued to work to put out hot spots and strengthen control lines in steep, rugged terrain.…Motorists need to please drive cautiously while driving near the fire area where heavy equipment and fire engines are traveling to and from the fire.” (More info here.) Fire Information Line: 925-588-9192
    Firefighters in the remote Lost Coast region fighting the Horse Fire.

    Firefighters in the remote Lost Coast region fighting the Horse Fire. [Photo from Cal Fire]

  • Fork Complex (Trinty Pines and north to Hayfork):(Current as of 8 p.m.) 36,499 acres burned and 87% contained. Structures Destroyed: Residences 8, other buildings 4, Firefighter injuries to date: 12, Total Personnel: 807. “ Most of the Fork Complex fire activity has moderated, with firefighting efforts concentrated in the Chanchelulla Wilderness area.” (More info here.)
  • Gasquet Fire: (Current as of 7 p.m.16,617 acres burned and 18% containment. Total Personnel: 636. Injuries: 6.  “Today the inversion lifted earlier and minimum realative humidity was 20 -30%. Ridge top winds were generally out of the south to southwest 5 to 10 mph with gusts to 18 mph. Tonight the marine layer will move back in and relative humidity under the inversion at 2500 feet will rise to 50-80%. On the ridges, relative humidity will be around 15% during the late evening, then rise to around 45% by morning.” (More info here)
  • Mad River Complex (Ruth Lake and Surroundings) Now Combined with the Route Complex -see below: (1:12 p.m.) 33,863 acres and 54% contained ). “A Public Meeting will be held Wednesday August 26th at 5:30pm at Ruth Lake Guard Station..
    (More info here)  Telephone number for the public information officer is 707-574-6289Also check out our maps, photos and measurements by clicking here.
  • Nickowitz Fire (northern Humboldt/southern Del Norte):(Current as of 7 p.m.) 5675 acres and 53% contained. Total Personnel: 349. “Night shift operations will be reduced to patrolling control lines unless the fire behavior dictates increased staffing for night shift operations. Today on the southwest flank the fire slowly advanced while firefighters built line along Forest Road 13N01 to keep up with the fires progression. ”  (More info here) Phone: 530-627-3246.
  • River Complex:(Current as of 7:50 p.m.) 53,967 burned and 24% contained. Total Personnel: 602.Tomorrow August 25th, 2015 the Denny Road will go to Stage 2 of the re-population plan. The road will be open for residents only from Hwy 299 to Quimby Creek between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. No entry or exit outside of these hours will be allowed..” (More info here.) Telephone number for the public information officer 530-276-8559. Estimated containment: October 01st, 2015
  • Route Complex (south and west of Hyampom and Buck Mt. area) Now Combined with the Mad River Complex:(Current as of 1:18 p.m.) 35,076 acres burned and 42% contained. Structures destroyed: 2 outbuildings. Total Personnel: 769. Injury: 1. “Upper level winds will increase from the south-southwest. This will cause ridgetop winds to increase today through Monday.” (More info here.) Telephone number for the public information officer is 707-574-6865.
  • 2015_08_23-

    Helicopter water drop on the South Complex. [Photo from InciWeb]

    South Complex (north and west of Hyampom):(Current as of 7:50 p.m.) 25,693 acres burned and 55% containment. Personnel: 792. Injuries: 3.  “Thermal belts will allow the fire to remain active through the night. (More info here)


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  • It’s really nice to see Del Norte’s local guys getting to fight the Horse Fire instead of standing here watching the Feds burning down most of our county. This way we hick lab rats and our stupid endangered fish will be well primed for the El Niño winter ahead… assuming we have not succumbed to smoke inhalation first….

    • So true NINES lol . if you want to feel better about are situation .Look to our neighbors to the north they are now fighting the largest fire in Washington state history .The North star fire is huge and its not even the biggest im hearing numbers of 300 plus homes burned in one complex alone .I myself my be going up there to vol .

      • Thanks, WHO, and I wish I could go with you… feeble old broad, maybe I could bake cookies at base camp or something… also so poor about all I’m good for is bellowing at the top of my lungs, and, actually, concentrating my ire on the feds’ idea of “forest management” is helping me a lot.

        Last year I was splatted on my walls over the heinous wildfires, everywhere, and I didn’t think I could live through it this year… but my anger with the agencies is keeping me together just now.

        Go give ’em heck for me, please, and stay safe. xoxox

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