Why Humboldt?

Why do students chose Humboldt State University? A short, cute video captures their reasons. We like the banana slug answer. What’s your favorite?



  • It’s hard to say there was quite a few good ones .

  • Yeah, the getting away from the parents part so totally doesn’t count….


    Nobody held up a sign that said, ‘the cool music in the ad’, woulda made the video.

    What do HSU people go on to do, besides vacation in Costa Rica? Are there any stats on if they ever get out of debt? Where do they go when they leave Arcata?

    • I’m a ’95 grad. Moved away for grad school. Paid off HSU debt. Moved back and have a great job here. Never been to Costa Rica.

    • My daughter went there, she works out of the area now. My son went and had a great time and learned a lot and seemed to have a passion for his subject/degree. Hopefully he will get work soon.
      The HSU bashers at LOCO seem a little sad and resentful about something.

  • Some Come here alright but not for the natural environment but for the pot culture and environment ..Good timing too trim seasons right around the corner.

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