[UPDATE 7:32 p.m.] Another New Fire: Shelter Cove

scannerAt roughly 9:15 a.m. this morning, a fire was reported in the Blue Ridge Road area of Shelter Cove. KMUD’s Terri Klemetson alerted us to the situation. With drought conditions, we’ve seen how fast these fires can spread.

An engine from the Horse Fire is being sent to assist.

UPDATE 9:38 a.m.:
The fire is in the 300 block of Blueridge Road. The Sheriff’s Office has been requested to assist as a resident is interfering with firefighting operations.

UPDATE 9:53 a.m.: Scanner traffic indicates the fire is 1/4 acre. One structure was threatened but the “threat has been mitigated.”

UPDATE 3:32 p.m.: Shelter Cove Fire reports that the blaze was a little over a 1/2 acre. There was an immediate threat to several structures in the area. Horse Fire has a structure group in Shelter Cove that assisted in the fire response. Crews were able to contain the fire without structures being damaged. The weather conditions (fog) helped keep the fire from spreading too rapidly.

UPDATE 4 p.m.: Fighting fires in the Emerald Counties includes hazards not usually encountered elsewhere. A structure near the blaze has this sign posted. 2015082395103112 - Copy

UPDATE 7:32 p.m.: We contacted Cheryl Anthony from Shelter Cove fire to get the final word on what happened. Anthony explained that it took three to four hours to put out the fire and crews are still checking on it to make sure it stays out. Anthony said that the fire occurred at an illegal grow which was situated near a two story illegal structure and greenhouse. However, Anthony said that her crew does not know of any resident interfering with the firefighters. She called it a “radio rumor.”

The firefighters there who are supporting the Cal Fire team on the Horse Fire wanted to express appreciation for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).”There are CERT teams all over the country but our team is number one,” Anthony said. The team supports the firefighters doing everything from cooking hot meals to directing traffic and using the radio. “They’re all people that live here in Shelter Cove,” Anthony said. “They’ve all gone through the CERT course at Humboldt State… We are so grateful to them.”



  • Geez…not another one. Let’s all do a rain dance (and don’t invite the lightening/thunder gods)

  • Our resources are at there limit. Will you idiots please be more fire conscious!!!!!

  • Resident is interfering & SO requested cuz its an illegal grow scene.

    • What grow scenes aren’t illegal?

    • Ya and in the last lightning fires in So Hum it was the feds blocking fire fighting efforts to do their week long camping trip style bust.

    • how do you know that?

      • Because I worked in Redway and the firefighters were complaining about the feds. Every day. The feds car/van/truck parade alone took 20 mins to pass the biz I worked at. The fire trucks couldn’t pass that procession out Briceland Rd. The feds put a road block where u had to show ID to them to pass and made all residents at bust location walk out (had to leave cars) after being questioned and were not allowed to take their pets or return for at least three days. That I know cuz a girl I worked with was at said property when feds arrived.

    • yep. that is pretty much confirmed. no other logical reason why someone would interfere with firefighting operations. which is still pretty stupid because obviously your stuff is gonna get burned most likely anyway if you try an stall the firefighters for long enough. Complete morons. If the person wouldn’t have done that sheriffs wouldn’t have been called more then likely. Not like the local firefighters would nark you out. maybe calfire, but if it’s a local crew…nah.

      • But it does look like a couple hundred plants!

      • CAL FIRE doesn’t Nark people out. They come, they put the fire out, and they leave. Speaking from personal experience

        • About 6 or 7 years ago (can’t exactly remember might have been longer) when there was that huge fire just south of leggett, Calfire was the primary source fighting the blaze and about two weeks after that pretty much everyones stuff all around the fire got taken by mendo sherriffs. Can’t say for sure that Calfire narked BUT they were the primary firefighters on scene and it’s not like the cops were there with helicopters checking stuff out during the fires. It is possible that it was just a coincidence and cops already knew about the huge grows HOWEVER it is widely speculated that Calfire possibly narked.

    • agreed! Jez, some people treat their pot like it is their God. And their God given right to screw the environment and everyone else to make a buck. Grow for your own use and quit trying to get rich people.

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