Humboldt, Mendocino, and Del Norte Counties, All Three Ranked in the Top Five Counties for Natural Beauty

According to the US Department of Agriculture, Humboldt (number 2,) Mendocino (number 4,) and Del Norte (number 5) are among the most beautiful counties in the continental states. Important aspects in this ranking include “warm winter, winter sun, temperate summer, low summer humidity, topographic variation, and water area.”

You can check out where other counties rank in this cool graphic here.

But, we think one important aspect they should have counted is our wildlife. Then, Ventura County (#1) wouldn’t even have placed in the top ten.

Deer -1



  • Yes – there are wilderness areas (some quite close to habitations) that are unbelievable….

  • Ventura came in as number one — that’s surprising — personally would have placed Siskiyou up there with the other top choices … awesome photo of the twins.

  • Wow! great photo. Is that yours Kym?

  • Yes. Right place at the right time

  • Call it paradise, and kiss it goodbye!

  • Yes, last year was a warm winter however I wouldn’t really consider the winters here WARM usually though. Arizona, hawaii…Those places have some warm winters. Lastly, I really hope we get some decent snow in humboldt this year. I live at around 3000 feet elevation and usually get about a foot or more every winter at least once (except for the last 2 years) and this year according to the farmers almanac is predicting HEAVY snowfall…Fingers are crossed.

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