Hwy 36 Reopens and Other Important Information from Friday Night’s Meeting For the Route and Mad River Complexes

Lassic Fire as seen from Blocksburg area. [Photo by Christina Lombardi]

Lassic Fire as seen from Blocksburg area earlier this month. [Photo by Christina Lombardi]

Dottie Simmons, a dispatcher for Southern Trinity Area Rescue, attended tonight’s public meeting held at 5:30 p.m. at the Lamb Creek Christian Center in Mad River with representatives of the US Forest Service for the Route and Mad River Complexes. She helped us compile the following information from the event.

As of this afternoon, Hwy 36 is now completely reopened, Simmons said. Vehicles may now move freely on the road. Everyone should be cautious though, not only is there a lot of heavy equipment and large vehicles on the road but deer have been forced out of the burned over hills and into the green areas along the roads. Thus, there will be more deer on the roads than usual. Watch out.

Along with Hwy 36 being open, Ruth Lake and Journey’s End as well as the private campgrounds are all available to do business with the public.

However, most of Six Rivers Forest is closed for hunting. From Ruth south to the Yolla Bollies and the Kettenpom area are the only places open.

According to Simmons, the Forest Service says the recent large growth south on the Lassic Fire was “pretty much expected” and it burned in the direction they expected it to go. Currently, they are building contingency lines a long ways out from the fire where they believe they can stop it.


Areas from all the fires that are burned are closed to open traffic. Law enforcement and some residents are concerned about looting. Residents will need to provide proof that they live in the area before they can return. If they don’t have utility bills with their address on them, they can bring information proving they live in the area to the Liaison Office at the firefighters’ camps located at the Flying Double A and behind the Southern Trinity Unified School District. There they should be able to get a permit.

At this point, people are being allowed to cut firewood on forest service land. “You can go get firewood,” Simmons said, but it must be 18 inches or less in diameter if it is standing upright. However, dead trees that are on the ground can be harvested at any diameter.

Simmons said that according to the ranger, a large number of out of the area law enforcement have been asked to help in Trinity County. They are not primarily looking for marijuana. However, if law enforcement sees what Simmons called “blatant displays,” they will detain those involved. Simmons said the ranger made it clear that they are not searching or “busting anyone” unless they are disregarding the laws. Follow traffic laws and drive safely in order to avoid attracting law enforcement attention, Simmons said.

After the fire is over, Simmons said, “the [US Forest Service] is going to have a lot of meetings to figure out to rehabilitate the burned over lands. They want to make it a healthy diverse forest.” The current plan is plant a few and select number of diverse species. They hope to mimic the natural flora distribution.




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