[UPDATE 2:41 p.m.] Current Evacuation and Road Information for Trinity County

Several mandatory evacuations have been lifted. Wahoo! Let’s hope this is the start of a new trend.

[Also, though we have received no updates from the Sheriff’s Office, both Cal Trans and the Forest Service say that Hwy 36 is completely open.]

Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office on August 20: (New information will appear in blue.)

TCSOThe Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has conducted evacuations in the following areas:

FORK COMPLEX: Communities of Hayfork, Post Mountain, Wildwood, Trinity Pines & Post Mountain

Mandatory Evacuations:
Williams Ranch Wildwood area
Deer Lick Campgrounds Area
Voluntary Evacuations: None at this time

Advisory Evacuations:
– Rowdey Bear Sub Division
– Barker Creek Road

Wildwood Road Area (Rd 302) – Wildwood Road from Hwy 36 to Gemmill Gulch

– Tule Creek Road Area – Tule Creek Road from McAlexander Road to Butter Creek Road (3N08) including

McAlexander Road, Hunter Road, Shangrila Lane, Green Gate Road and Landacre Road
Road Closures:

Rattlesnake Road-Hard closure Rattlesnake Road from Hwy 3 to Post Mountain
Kingsbury Road is closed from the end of the pavementWildwood Road (302) – Wildwood Road is closed at Gemmill Gulch to Stafford
Hwy 36 – Hard closure at Hwy 36 east of Lower Rattle Snake Road at mile marker 22
30N01 – Closed northeast of Williams Ranch
30N02 – Closed at Windy Gap
335 Road – Closed at Spring Gulch near the Forest Boundary

Tule Creek Road – Tule Creek Road open
MAD RIVER COMPLEX: Communities of Ruth Lake and Mad River

*** The Route and Mad River Complex and USFS are having a Public Meeting on Friday, August 21 at 5:30pm at the Lamb Creek Christian Center on Highway 36 in Mad River.***

Advisory Evacuations: 

– Forest Glen 
Voluntary Evacuations:
Swayback Ridge Area
Road Closures:

Hwy 36 – In the Mad River/Ruth Lake Area is open

Route 23-Closed from Hwy36 to Cedar Gap2SO2Road-closed from 2S54 Road to Route 23

RIVER COMPLEX: Communities of Dailey Ranch, Hoboken, Denny, Trinity Village and Quinby

Mandatory Evacuations:
Denny Area
Dailey Area
Hoboken Area
Bell Flat Area
Voluntary Evacuations:

– Prairie Creek Road (5N32) 

– French Creek Road (5N13) 

– Big Mountain Road (5N04) 
Road Closures:
Denny Road – Hard closure at the junction of Forest Road 7N26 at Onion Saddle

ROUTE COMPLEX: Communities of Hyampom, South Fork Mountain and west of Van Duzen

**End of Kerlin Creek Road mandatory evacuations have been lifted**

Mandatory Evacuations:Not applicable for Trinity County at this time

Voluntary Evacuations:
Not applicable for Trinity County at this time

Road Closures:
Forest Service Route 1 – Closed approximately 5 miles north of Hwy 36 at Forest Service Road 2N12 to north of the fire at Forest Service Road 4N18
SOUTH COMPLEX: Communities of Hyampom, Corral Bottom and Underwood Mountain area

**End of Kerlin Creek Road mandatory evacuation has been lifted**
**St. Johns Road and Garrett Road voluntary evacuation has been lifted**

Mandatory Evacuations:
Skunk Ranch Area
Corral Bottom Road (Rte 47) west of the intersection with the 16 continuing onto the 60 Road to the Four Corners area
Corral Bottom Road (Rte 60) north of Hyampom to the intersection of Underwood Mountain Road (Rte 47)
Castle Rock Area – Residences in the area of Underwood Mountain Road, Castle Rock and Hog Ranch including 5N40 Road, 5N07 Road, 5N09 Road, Big Lake, Hidden Lake to 5N60 Road to Mill Creek Road
Voluntary Evacuations:
Wintoon Flat, Waldorf Flat, Grel Ranch and Oak Flat

Manzanita Ranch Area

– Friedrich Road/Mill Creek Road – Residences in the Friedrich Road/Mill Creek Road Area


A voluntary evacuation due to wildfire activity has been issued by the Trinity County Sheriff for residents on Forest Roads 5N04 (Big Mountain Road), 5N013 (French Creek Road) and 5N32 (Prairie Creek Road). This order is effective at 3 PM Friday, August 21.
Advisory Evacuations:
– Springer Ranch Area

Road Closures: (Hyampom Area)
Corral Bottom Road west of the 16 (Intersection of Rte 16 and Rte 47)
Underwood Mountain Road at the intersection of Road 5N09 (Four Corners)
Corral Bottom Road (Rte 60) north of Hyampom, closed just past the school
Intersection of Road 16 and Road 47 and Kerlin Creek Road at Lower South Fork Road


The Red Cross evacuation center at the Solid Rock Christian Church in Hayfork was closed Tuesday, August

18, 2015 at 8pm and transitioned to a standby status.



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