Assault Victim With Facial Injury on 5th Street

A little after 2 a.m., medical personnel responded to the report of an assault victim with a facial injury at the Shell Station on Fifth Street in Eureka.

Assault victim with facial injury 1310 fifth. According to the scanner, the man was “assaulted while he was trying to take his bike from someone.”


  • It’s a bad part of town , people talk about trolling on that part of the highway for people to rob or things to steal

  • I worked there for 5 years and grew up across the street,it used to be a good neighborhood but the last 10 years,you don’t want to be in the ally’s at night anywhere around there.its really bad

  • G-ma stop dis my neighborhood, so now that your gone now its bad area, but before you left it was all good? G-ma go get a g-job and a real g-life

  • The city of Eureka has allowed the motels along 4th and 5th in this area to turn into disgusting, drug-filled shitholes. They do this to avoid properly fulfilling their affordable housing element requirements.

    Any time the economy is bad this happens, and the EPD doesn’t bother to do anything about it. The end result is drug-crazed weirdos loitering on the blocks nearby and punching and stabbing each other occasionally. Civilians aren’t at risk, but it should not be allowed to happen any more than the shanty towns behind the mall or the gross motels along Broadway.

    It’s pathetic that the “civic leaders” allow the most visible parts of the City to be overrun in this way. The truth is they don’t want people to come here and see the nice town it is – they want people to think it’s scary and dangerous. They know that as soon as the outside world moves in, their little power trip will be over. It’s happened before and it will happen again. That day is coming!

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