Yesterday’s Marijuana Related Search Warrant Served in the Benbow Area

CaptureAccording to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, deputies served a warrant yesterday on East Branch Road in the Benbow area. He described nine “hoop style gardens” that were using light deprivation techniques.

2049 plants were destroyed and 165 pounds of dry marijuana was seized. The Department of Fish and Wildlife, Hanson said, were investigating multiple water diversions.

No arrests were made.




  • What about Mendocino county? Choppers around Laytonville all week but no news about what they are doing? ???

  • Kym,
    I as many others (esp the SoHummer’s) lamented your time with Lost Coast as it seemed your time was mostly spent doing their stuff as opposed to I know that there are quite a few of us and more everyday who have turned once again to for real news!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    • I love doing my own thing but the LoCO folks never told me what to write. I just feel less constrained by worrying what others think.

      • Sorry for the misunderstanding. I did not mean you were constrained in your writing by them at all. I only meant time wise its great to see you back 100% devoted to is all!!!!

      • IMO, You’re a better local news source than they are, even in Eureka
        and you have better pictures too. The Comment section over there is a joke anymore, it’s a troll feeding frenzy at this point. They’ve run off almost everyone else and now they’re feeding on each other. haha ;op

  • I agree old school . I don’t go to loco accept for bust records now ! Way to go Kym !

    • The arrest records are the only reason I go there also. I do miss the old clan though there though, pretty sure most of the old schoolers have abandoned loco as well. So glad to have a new home here with much more civilized commenting

  • clvndbrownswinsuperbowl

    Thx again for the site kym! Keep up the good work. Also done with LoCo

    • There are so many folks that feel the same. That whole site has gone down hill dramatically over the past year and has really taken a turn for the worse in the past few months. The comments section is especially moronic. But as we know we have home here for good un-biased news coverage.

  • Medicine?

  • Looks like 12 hoops to me. Maybe 3 were veggies.

  • I’ve always been coming in from… was confused by the comments being from LoCo for quite some time and gobsmacked by the content of most of them even after I figured out what was what. I am everlastingly glad Kym severed the sites, back doing her own thing.

    Even though the news is often really, really upsetting, I just LOVE this site and these people… all the help and understanding and friendliness matter a lot to me.


    Looks legit to me….

    you can count three plants in each of those greenies, making them WAY under their numbers.

    Hope they sue to get their stash back from mistaken bacon.

  • You all said it best,I love kyms sight.Loco has gone down hill fast since she left.When they launched the find the weed game it was the last straw for me,how can they call them selves locals then jepordise the privacy and safety of the community !


      Maybe because it’s a honey pot site for law enforcement? One would think that bacon would be smart enough to read the comments and go see for themselves.
      Shocked nobody has sued Hank, yet.
      You can bet it’s going to happen….

      if someone was injured in say a home invasion, because of his site- he would face various liabilities including criminal.

      Seeing Hank on a mugshot for being a dick would be awesome, seeing him being sued would be even better.

      Kym, on the other hand has always been balanced, maybe not digging into various illegal law enforcement tactics, but simply reporting news.

  • wow thats a lot of hoopers, if he was growing grapes on a much larger scale, say perhaps 500 easy acres with no ground cover while spraying nasty chemicals on his own product and bare soil nobody would care, or do anything, but collect some fees for permits and taxes, and no one would harrass them or surprise visit them. now thats irony

  • You sound like you have a hard-on for grapegrowers… You’re misinformed about the industry, especially the local grapegrowers.. Bottom line, one is legal, one is not.

    • One only needs to drive down the 101 in March and April. All along northern mendo, Sonoma, and Napa counties u see 1000s of acres sprayed with roundup and other syngenta products that kill weeds and grasses. Not to mention the gross amounts of pesticides. The green ranger is merely stating a fact. The Russian River, Napa River maya camas creeks. Once major rearing habitats for steelhead and salmon are now polluted toxic waterways. But hey they pay their permits so it’s all good. So make it rain roundup they’re regulated!

    • Thats always a pretty weak argument. Legality has nothing to do with use of chemicals or water. I’m not saying how much water or chemicals are needed for grapes. I don’t know. But because grapes are legal, doesnt change the fact they use a said amount of water and some operations use chemicals.

    • Thats like saying it’s just fine for the cow industry to suck up thousands and thousands, of water out of the river to water fields of weeds and grass, because it is legal. Drive to Ferndale, Loleta, Carlotta and so on. Does that seem right, even though it’s legal? On top of the amount of water, legal or not, they just spray it into the air, in the middle of the day, which is completely inefficient. Legal or not.

    • I’m sorry Sandra, are you not going to enlighten us on the grape/wine industry?

  • I have pretty much stopped using LOCO because I don’t agree with most of the stuff they post and its giving locals a bad name.I will start logging on to this site instead.Weed or No Weed is bullshit.

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