[UPDATE 12:06 a.m.] Lassic Fire Flashing and Flaring in the Night Sky

FIRE (1)

Lassic Fire is repeatedly sending up flaming towers atop the hills of southeastern Humboldt and western Trinity. This photo was captured almost due west of the incident by Julian King.

UPDATE 10:34 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates that the flames are from “a large firing operation on Lassic and Pine near Goat Rock.”

UPDATE 12:03 a.m.: We’ve got the new map for the Lassic Fire taken at 8:57 p.m. It has already grown tremendously. One area on the south end of the fire has swollen outwards. The bump is over one mile from east to west and over 9/10’s of a mile north to south. Below is a screengrab of Google Earth showing the measurement from east to west. It’s the yellow line in the tomato red bump that has lapped over Lassic Lookout Road.





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