To Add Insult to Injury, the Burglar Even Drank the Beer…

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

CaptureOn 8-13-2015 at approximately 12:42 PM, a Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff was dispatched to a residence in the 200 block of Ramsey Road in Laytonville to investigate a reported burglary.

The victim, a man in his seventies, reported that he awoke late that morning to find that someone had entered his home as he slept. His door had been left open and beverages from his refrigerator had removed and the empty containers left in and around his house. A decorative sword and a Winchester rifle had been stolen. The victim’s sixteen year-old Husky dog had either wandered out the open door or been taken and was missing.  The Deputy processed the scene for evidence and concluded his field investigation of the scene at that time without identifying a suspect.

Two days later the investigating Deputy spoke to a Laytonville Resident-Post CHP Officer who advised he had arrested Andrew Beyer, a transient from Oregon, that same day in Willits for DUI, hit and run and possession of a stolen vehicle.  The stolen vehicle had been taken from a residence very near to the scene of the burglary.

Beyer was incarcerated in the Mendocino County Jail at that time on the CHP case. The close proximity of the two crimes, combined with a comment Byer made to the CHP Officer about, “drinking someone else’s beer”, caused the investigating Deputy to go to the Mendocino County Jail to interview Beyer about the burglary.

After the concluding his interview of Beyer, the Deputy called the same CHP Officer and provided information regarding the location of the stolen rifle. The CHP Officer recovered the Winchester rifle in tall grass less than a block from the victim’s home. The victim’s dog and sword have not yet been located.

Beyer was arrested for burglary. His bail has been set at $15,000.




    That sucks. You can feel for the dog, because the sword thing and missing dog don’t sound like a happy ending.
    Too bad he just didn’t stay in Oregon, because it is after all, where people that can’t make it in California move to live in trailer parks.
    Poor old guy, someone should take up a collection so he can have a keg.
    He may need it if the trailer park oregon thief went [edit] on the dog. The cops should really check the area or look for turkey vultures.

  • I’ll donate money to kick his ASS outta here!!!!I really hope their dog comes home.the beer,well that was rude.

  • Humboldt scum, the humscum and a bum

  • I hope the dog is found safe….
    Please post updates so we can know if the dog is found… Poor dog,,,

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