State Parks Eradicates Marijuana at the Foot of Salmon Creek

Press release provided by the California State Parks:

CaptureOn August 8, 2015 California State Park Rangers removed a Marijuana Grow in Humboldt Redwoods State Park near Salmon Creek. Approximately 300 plants were removed from an area cleared of native vegetation. The plants were watered directly from the South Fork Eel River where a pump was located in the river. Trash, fertilizers, pesticides, rodenticides, water hoses, and other supplies were removed from the area. Anyone with information regarding this particular resource crime or others on state park lands please contact California State Parks at (707) 946-1801 or (707) 445-6547.



  • Why don’t they know who is running this grow. How about some surveillance ahead of time? This type of bust is ridiculous and inefficient and just encourages others-they can see that they are not going to get caught either. Ugh!

    • Common sense is lacking with most of these busts. They could hire me and I would guarantee them they would have identified suspects to arrest. If I couldn’t provide the intell, then they dont pay me. Game cameras are cheap! LAME!

  • Pretty stupid place to grow,hahaha and the poison You assholes


    State Parks are wild and crazy…

  • Come on Lazy. Let the poor alcoholic rest in peace.

  • Wonder if these were local slobs or what? Great work on the part of our State Park employees. Too bad there wasn’t a wildlife camera set up when they discovered the grow and they could have recorded some action – maybe caught the law-breaking, water-robbing, lowlifes!

    Any clues? Let’s see, local slobs = hot dog wrappers, local fake hippies = organic food wrappers, Bulgarian mafia = kebab sticks, Italian mafia = sausage wrappers, Cartel grow = tortilla wrappers. All the above = low life growers.

  • Come on now locals are smarter than that ….at least the ones born with common sense and respect . They will always pack in their water , along with some fresh cat urine / scat geeze ever heard of bio mass reports ? figure it out its the flatlanders coming up here to cash in at any cost being trashy and such

  • I was parked at holmgrens flat last week and a very suspicious lady parked there with an old Chevy c10 . She waited for a dude in a black Tacoma and they both went out past the gate and stayed parked for hours . Most likely them . Lady had brown hair and was wearing football style face paint . Very suspicious , but so is everybody these days .

  • Did they find any tortilla packaging, or was it white folks with methpipes?

  • God bless America, and in God we trust,….
    But here we are , men in uniform getting paid to hunt down plants in the woods, so do we not trust Gods creation?
    What a joke period to cut.down any plant God put here, let alone try to explain tothe public that its gor the greater good or make us pay for it…
    Are you all ignorant or whats going on?
    Why should the people finance the rich mans war.on drugs, let them pay for this crap!

  • This little part of the park is between the river & 101 with super easy access at the Salmon Creek exit. Full sun, water close by. Perfect grow spot. But why on earth it was not surveiled so humans could be held responsible…I find HCS to be lazy and seriously inept in these busts

    • A few years back I turned in a patch on State Park lands. The Parcops wanted me to show them where it was, and during the ride I told the officer it would be a great place for a trail camera. He explained how that was too expensive. MY BUTT. He was carrying a pistol, tazer, mace, billy club, a shotgun and an AR15. His truck was decked out with a hundred thousand dollars worth of radio and lights. I casually mentioned that the cost of the practice ammo he burned every month with the shotgun would probably cover the tab for a camera or two. Who the hell needs a shotgun when you’re packing a 15 ? Most of the cops don’t shoot nearly as well as your average hill billy and this guy was prepared to miss with lots of different guns. It’s very possible he was just feeding me misinformation. I offered to run around in the brush one night with my night vision and collect him up a few cameras for donation. The offer was declined.

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